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LightWeight FileManager based on Qt5

Forked from NewBreeze (v3-beta2), this is built as a dedicated file manager for r-pi.

Built on top of the Powerful Qt GUI Toolkit, this file manager is sleek, stylish and fast. Some of its features are

  • Fast startup and browsing
  • File Association support
  • Provides Categorized Icon View
  • Sleek side panel showing drives and boomarks
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Catalog View and SuperStart
  • Auto update devices list
  • Custom Folder Icons
  • Complete mime-icon support
  • BreadCrumbs Navigation Bar
  • Custom Actions and inbuilt terminal support
  • Archive read write support via Plugins

Linux Source Available

Windows source is no longer being maintained

Please READ the ReleaseNotes for information on the new features

Notes for compiling - linux:

  • Download the sources
    • Git: git clone NewBreeze-master
    • Tar: wget && tar -xf master.tar.gz
  • Enter NewBreeze-master
  • Open the terminal and type: qmake && make
  • To install, as root type: make install


  • Qt5 (qtbase5-dev, qtbase5-dev-tools)
  • xdg-utils (xdg-utils)
  • EncFS (encfs)

Known Bugs

  • Extended copy/move causes crashes. Disabled by default.


  • Any other feature you request for... :)
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