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  • Create the runbook in your Automation account

Prepare the infrastructure

  • Set up both an Azure Automation account and OMS workspace.
  • Set up an Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker in your lab/on-prem environment.
  • Install Azure PowerShell 3.0 on the hybrid worker (use WPI here).

Prepare AA DSC Assets

  • Create the following AA credential assets which support the runbook
  • On-prem credential object
  • Create an Azure Service Principal account following this guide, define the account as an AA credential.
  • Create the following AA variable assets which support the runbook
  • Azure Automation resource group name: ARM RG which contains your AA account
  • Azure Automation account name: name of the AA account where the node will be on-boarded
  • Azure Subscription ID: no explanation required, right?
  • Azure Tenant ID

using the webhook

  • Import the ConnectTo-AADSCPullServer-Webhook.ps1 Runbook
  • Create a webhook for your runbook, and edit the parameter options to specify your Hybrid Runbook Worker Group as the target
  • Run "script.ps1" from an elevated PS session passing the corresponding values for computer names, safe mode, etc.
  • Requirements: The servers being registered must be joined to the same domain as the hyrbid worker, and allow PS remoting. A good test it to manually run an Invoke-Command from the hybrid worker targeting the new server with the "-ComputerName" parameter.
  • In the portal, verify the runbook completes successfully with no errors
  • You should see the new servers appear in the "DSC Nodes" blade.
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