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Moodle Question Practice Module

This plugin was originally developed as part of the the Google Summer of Code 2013 (GSOC), by Jayesh Anandani with mentoring from Jean-Michel Vedrine & Tim Hunt

The documentation can be found at

The code on this site represents an update to work with Moodle 2.7 to 3.0 done by Marcus Green. Logging was converted to using the Moodle 2.7 events system. I was inspired to do this by a post from quiz maintainer Tim Hunt

The source is here

I believe Question Practice is important as it shows how the quiz engine and question types can be used outside the context of the quiz module.The quiz engine is probably the most powerful and flexible software of its type in existence at the moment.

I have created a new icon which is more in line with the icons used by other modules.

New Qpractice Icon

I have tested the code with an iPad and Android tablet and phone, and also addressed some minor bugs. Most of the testing/development was done with Moodle 3.0. It appears to work with PHP7 and Moodle 3.1. There is a demonstration site at showing it working with a bank of around 80 questions including all core question types and the 3rd party Gapfill and Ordering question types.

It would be nice to show grades by category and this plugin might contain some ideas/code that could contribute to that.

There has been a longstanding desire to incorporate standard question types into the lesson module and this plugin might offer some ideas on doing that.

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