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A section block for Gutenberg
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Section block for Gutenberg

One of the main elements used for layout in pages, a section / container block is on the roadmap, but I needed one. Now. So Here it is!

Plus it's a good attempt at exploring and reusing the existing components, which are plenty. So it was fairly easy in the end.



  • Spacing:

  • Background image:

  • Background color:

kapture 2018-07-23 at 17 00 10


2019-02-25 - v.1.1.3

  • Fix: Update CGB Scripts to latest version, which fixes compatibility issue with Ghost Kit

2018-12-20 - v.1.1.2

  • Tweak: Show controls for wide and full alignment

2018-12-11 - v.1.1.1

  • Fix: Changed JS dependency from wp-blocks to wp-block-library

2018-11-17 - v.1.1.0

Hopefully the deprecation / migrate part will work properly, allowing users to keep their previously created blocks, despite the changes:

  • Feature: Adds Tag selector
  • Feature: Adds section text color
  • Feature: Adds spacing toggle

2018-11-17 - v.1.0.1

  • Fix; Fix deprecated error: Update to PanelColorSettings
  • Tweak: Fixed spacer slider styles
  • Fix: Update type parameter to new allowedTypes in MediaUpload

This project was bootstrapped with Create Guten Block.

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