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Remake of the classic Achtung die Kurve using HTML5 websockets
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This is a browser based version of the game Achtung die Kurve. In this game you control a snake. You can either turn left or right. The goal is to not bump into solid lines or the edges of the canvas. If you can do this for longer than your opponents, you win!

Design goals:
- remaking the awesomest version of the awesomest (2D) game ever
- good performance: no input delay, accurate projections for opponents
- cool new techniques: canvas, websockets, html5 audio: NO FLASH!
- do not trust the client: cheater proof

The game uses canvas for drawing and websockets for real-time bidirectional communication. The game is server is written in C using the libwebsockets library. It is a very cool open source library, check it out. Audio is (currently) provided using the buzz library. This project is on github.

The game is not yet widely supported, as websockets is not yet enabled by default in all major browsers. Basic functionality has been tested for
- Recent versions of Chrom(ium + e)
- Firefox 7+
- iOS 4.2+
- Firefox Mobile 8+ for Android

Some browser do have support for websockets, but not the latest draft, or it may not be enabled by default. They might be able to run the game.

Developed by Marcus and Rik. Feel free to fork.
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