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Exercise for as long as you can.
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css move button functionality to external javascript Sep 1, 2014

Sweat Roulette v1.1

  • Added Round Counter
  • Added 20s rest interval after every exercise
  • Added share button to post round count to Twitter


Sweat Roulette v1.0

A healthy project by @marcusmichaels and @beingcharlotte.

Sweat Roulette is aimed to get you up and moving with the click of a button.

A workout anywhere, HIIT style web app, developed for us whilst travelling to stay fit without the need of equipment.

Feedback and pull requests are very welcome - here's the functionality we're working on adding next:

  • Timer
  • Exercise Instructions (likely to be animated GIF images)
  • Rest Intervals after every one or two exercises
  • Music Player (already part developed and it's working on desktop but not mobile. Music usage has kindly been granted by @fantomenk)

Latest stable release here:

Latest beta releases here:


Full functionality available in Chrome, Chrome for iOS, Safari, Safari iOS and IE10.

Android browsers as yet untested as I don't have access to an Android phone. Android users, let me know.

Exercise display functionality works in all latest desktop browsers, sound issues occur with Firefox, Opera, IE9 and below.

IE8 and below are not supported at this time.

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