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What you'll need for ldap to sql:

  • Perl

  • Net::Ldap # Go to and search for LDAP.

  • Mime::Base64 # Although you can just remove this line and this block of text if you don't want to base 64 anything! # foreach(@conv64) { # if($attr =~ /^${_}$/i) { $val=encode_base64($val);chomp($val); } # }

You don't need to install this script, just copy it and run it. You may need to set your PERLLIB variable to look in the directory where lives though. Also you need to know where your perl version lives. I've assumed /usr/bin/perl.

You do need to modify the config file though.

  • LDAPHOST * is the server and port where ldap is running from. If it is the current server you have installed this script on, then set as LDAPHOST, otherwise put it correct host. Note: see my port scan code on the front page to test host and port connectivity. By default LDAP listens on port 389, but this is configurable.

  • USER * this is the LDAP user (not the system user). When you run ldapsearch, etc, you specify this user. By default ldap generally has cn=Manager ... as the admin user.

  • PW * this is the password for that user.

  • BASE * is where the retrieval will start from. It is important that you release, this starts your db base. For example if you LDAP tree looks like this: dc=com -> dc=example -> dc=users then your base would be dc=users,dc=example,dc=com. The first table generated would then be users - based on def_table_name. All subsequent branches below dc=users would have their names flattened to name_user.

  • FILTER * you can specify an attribute that must exist in all entries, which will be extracted into SQL.

  • ATTRS * which attribs to extract from each entry.

  • DB_NAME * what name to show in the resulting sql.

  • DEF_TABLE_NAME * as described above. The bottom branch according to base, gets overwritten with this name.

  • CONV64 * this will perform base64 conversion on these attribs, good for binary stuff.

  • SCOPE * if to extract all branches below base.

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