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+# DemoTyper!
+## The typo-free code editor
+## What is it?
+It's bacially [HackerTyper]( meets [Ace code editor]( Pre-record your demo text, then when it's go time you can type any nonsense you want--nothing but perfect code will come out!
+## Wow!
+I know. Please don't read the source though, just marvel at what it does. We literally wrote this overnight at #JSConf.
+Also, the Ace code editor is amazing. Thank you guys.
+## Are there features?
+Sort of!
+- Type the character 'ƒ' to make a pause point. On a Mac, that's alt+f. On a PC I think you have to call tech support each time to get an authorization code. Their number is (800) 692-7753.
+- During your demo, type the 'ƒ' character again to get past the pause point. The character will not show up in playback mode.
+- You can use undo+redo to fix errors you make while drafting your demo code. Just remember that once you redo, you lose all your future history. That made sense when I started typing it, but now it sounds silly.
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