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Revision history for Perl extension FCGI-Engine
- Fix so start doesn't start another set of procs
- Add graceful method to do a restart with start
before killing old processes.
- Don't stop all servers if a server fails to start.
0.05 Sat. July 12, 2008
* FCGI::Engine::Manager
- added restart feature (thanks to Brian Cassidy)
- added tests for this
- added ability to start, stop and restart individual
servers within the conf (thanks to Brian Cassidy)
- added tests for this
- fixed my ugly hack of a ->status method
(thanks to Brian Cassidy)
- added tests for this
- tweaked the SYNOPSIS to provide a better example
of usage (also thanks to Brian Cassidy)
0.04 Thurs. July 10, 2008
- upped the MooseX::Getopt dependency since the
old version was causing a test failure in certain
* FCGI::Engine
- added docs about our usage of CGI::Simple (RT #35786)
- added docs about usage with Catalyst (RT #34488)
- added the handler_args_builder option to make
it easier to override the default arguments passed
into the handler_method (RT #33885)
(thanks to Bradley C. Bailey for the idea and initial patch)
- added tests for this
* FCGI::Engine::Manager
- added docs about usage with Catalyst (RT #34488)
- added example of the config file
* t/
- fixed the FCGI::Engine::Manager test to make sure there
is a YAML parser available for Config::Any to use.
0.03 Sun. Feb. 3, 2008
* FCGI::Engine
- handler_method was not being used properly
to dispatch with (reported by Reed A. Cartwright)
- added tests for this
- %additional_options can now be passed to run, which
will then be passed to both the pre_fork_init sub and
the proc_manager's constructor
- added tests for this
- handler_class can now also be an instance if nessecary
(thanks to Chris Prather)
* FCGI::Engine::ProcManager
- added the manager_process_name and the process_name
options to allow custom process naming
- added test for this
0.02 Fri. Jan. 11, 2008
- fixing dependency issues
0.01 Fri. Jan. 11, 2008
- hello world
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