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A programming language for the realtime web.
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A declarative programming language for realtime web applications

Build Status

Getting started

Try this:

sudo npm install -g fun
echo '"Hello world!"' >
# Open your browser to localhost:8080

Also try

curl >
curl > todo-mvc.css


Hello World

"Hello world!"

Drag and Drop

import mouse

<div style={
    position:   'absolute',
    top:        mouse.y + 50,
    left:       mouse.x + 50,
    width:      100,
    height:     100,
    background: 'red'

Getting involved

The best way to get involved is to start writing fun apps and using them. There are bugs and inefficiencies waiting to be discovered!

If you want to hack on the source:

git clone
cd fun
make setup
make test
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