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Add notes for google closure options to check out

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1 parent 817ab96 commit c3ebda84d27055de8c2b508f2a4643120bdc7871 @marcuswestin committed Feb 3, 2011
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@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ function compileJS(code, basePath) {
return indentJS('var require = {}\n' + compileJSModule(code, {}, basePath))
+// TODO: Look into
+// provide a closure to make all variables local: code = '(function(){'+code+'})()'
+// --compute_phase_ordering: Runs the compile job many times, then prints out the best phase ordering from this run
+// --define (--D, -D) VAL Override the value of a variable annotated @define. The format is <name>[=<val>], where <name> is the name of a @define variable and <val> is a boolean, number, or a single-quot ed string that contains no single quotes. If [=<val>] is omitted, the variable is marked true
+// --print_ast, --print_pass_graph, --print_tree
function compressJS(code, callback) {
var closureArgs = ['-jar', __dirname + '/google-closure.jar']

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