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IE10 on Win7 Throwing Error #84

mberkom opened this Issue Jan 22, 2014 · 6 comments

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mberkom commented Jan 22, 2014

JS ERROR: HierarchyRequestError IN ON
LINE 206

The offending line is: storageOwner.appendChild(storage) in

 function withIEStorage(storeFunction) {
            return function() {
                var args =, 0)
                // See
                // and
                var result = storeFunction.apply(store, args)
                return result

This only occurs on some workstations, not all. I need to be able to replicate it on my local machine (Win7 IE10) so that I can track down a fix. Ideas?

Running IE in Compatibility mode, but the site has a meta tag requiring Edge.


Curious. I've not seen this before.

If you manage to replicate the behavior it would be great if you could document the necessary circumstances.

Does the site automatically run in compatibility mode, or are you forcing it in IE10?

leecade commented Mar 7, 2014

how about use IndexedDB to fix IE10?


I also encounter this issue on IE10. "script5022 hierarchyrequesterror" on line "storageOwner.appendChild(storage)".

I googled this error. Someone pointed it out that IE10 do not allow putting a node belonged to different window.
( )

In store.js, with a breakpoint, I observed below:
1. the isLocalStorageNameSupported() returned false, because windows.localStorage object is an ErrorObject. (that ErrorObject doesn't give any useful information for tracing)
2. The code goes to ActiveX branch
3. storage= DIV element whose ownerDocument is 'http://xxx/favicon.ico' and storageOwner='http://xxx/favicon.ico'
They do belong to same window.

Then I make isLocalStorageNameSupported() always return false and test the ActiveX code branch and find it can work on other browsers (not IE 10) . I do not know why is just breaks on IE10.


  • I have two IE10 machine. One can work, another cannot.
  • IE8 seems do not have this issue
  • IE11 emulating IE10 do not have this issue
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