A jQuery off-canvas framework.
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Slidepanel lets you setup unlimited off-canvas panels.


  • Easy to setup
  • Only requires jQuery
  • Create unlimited off-canvas panels
  • 4 Panel Positions (top, right, bottom, left)
  • 4 Animation Types


Enqueue Scripts

<link rel="stylesheet" href="slidepanel.min.css">
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.slidepanel.min.js"></script>

HTML Structure

Slidepanel requires the following HTML markup. The name "canvas" inside data-slidepanel is a reserved name and must be given to the container encapsulating your website. You can place all other panels before or after the "canvas", but never inside of it.

    <div data-slidepanel="canvas">
        Your website (e.g. header, content, footer, etc.) goes in here.
    <div data-slidepanel="my-panel-name right reveal 400 400">
        Your panel goes in here.


You can think of the data-slidepanel as a function that accepts 5 parameters. However, if the panel your are addressing is the "canvas", data-slidepanel accepts only that single parameter. As pointed out above, including data-slidepanel is a requirement.

<div data-slidepanel="id position animation open-duration close-duration">
  • id: (required) The name of your slidepanel. This can be any name except "canvas" which is exclusively reserved for encapsulating your website as seen in the example above.
  • position: (required) This can be either: top, bottom, left or right. You can place multiple panels in the same position.
  • animation: (required) Set the animation parameter to either: reveal, slide, overlay or shift.
  • open-duration: (optional) This is the animation speed when opening a panel in milliseconds. Defaults to 300.
  • close-duration: (optional) This is the animation speed when closing a panel in milliseconds. Defaults open-duration.


Simple initialize Slidepanel via slidepanel.init(); and then, upon your event of choice, call slidepanel.toggle(); which takes the id of the data-slidepanel as it's sole parameter.

var slidepanel = window.slidepanel;
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $('.my-button').on( 'click', function() {


  • Callback's and event's will be implemented once the plugin has matured.
  • Squeeze animation. Squeezes the panel and canvas to show both at the same time.
  • Sass variables for bezier animation curves.
  • Fixing the bugs.


  • Within slidepanel.init() the $(window).on( 'resize', _setPanelsCss ); is not working for new canvas size, when panel-width is in percent.
  • Panels, when switching from x to y position, show content of other panel to early.
  • Close and open functions should really only do that. Currently they are both toggle functions.


Slidepanel is a completely rewritten and modified version of: https://www.adchsm.com/slidebars/