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Workshop: Accessibility in JavaScript Applications
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Accessibility in JavaScript Applications

Learn the necessary techniques and tools for building inclusive web applications with JavaScript from Gatsby's Head of Learning Marcy Sutton.

Presenting at:

Some key takeaways:

  • Understand how to incorporate accessibility into your web development workflow.
  • Debug your sites and applications for accessibility using the latest tools.
  • Apply accessibility to React web applications with Gatsby, while learning how accessibility applies to other stacks.
  • Learn the benefits of manual and automated testing to grow web accessibility superpowers!
  • Integrate focus management into your web applications, gracefully handling keyboard and screen reader interactions.
  • Practice announcing view changes with your code and keeping screen reader users up to date.
  • Achieve wins with semantic markup, unobtrusive animation, and progressive enhancement.

App URL:

Workshop slides:

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npm start
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