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A cheeseshop clone (PyPI server) written in pyramid
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Get your private cheeseshop running.

Getting Started

$ virtualenv pyshop
$ cd pyshop
(pyshop)$ source bin/activate
(pyshop)$ pip install pyshop
(pyshop)$ cp pyshop.sample.ini pyshop.ini
(pyshop)$ vim pyshop.ini  # change the pyshop.cookie_key setting
(pyshop)$ pyshop_install pyshop.ini
(pyshop)$ pserve pyshop.ini start --log-file=pyshop.log

You shoud edit the pyshop.ini file in order to configure the pyshop.cookie_key, the host:port that host the service, ... When the pyshop is running visit the web application, http://localhost:6543/ by default, to check all is fine.

For production usage, you should create accounts with the "developer" group. Visit http://localhost:6543/pyshop/user with the admin account to create accounts. You also should use an https reverse proxy. Python packaging core use basic authentication: it send user/password in clear.

Configuring your environment to use that new pyshop

Here is all configuration files for usual python tools you have to edit for simplify the usage of pyshop.


Configuration used by pip

# when mirroring a package,
# pyshop retrieve informations from PyPI and
# store them in its DB.
# Be patient, it is not so long.
default-timeout = 60
timeout = 60
index-url = http://pip:changeme@localhost:6543/simple/


Configuration used by setuptools to upload package

index-servers =

username: admin # or create an account in pyshop admin interface
password: changeme
repository: http://localhost:6543/simple/


index-url = http://pip:changeme@localhost:6543/simple/

Uploading a file to your pyshop

python sdist upload -v -r pyshop

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