A module that helps you manage Apache virtual hosts
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A module that helps you manage Apache virtual hosts


  • creates apache virtual hosts

  • Add/Remove domains

  • Add/Remove multiple domains aliases, multiple subdomains

  • Sets up the dirs for www, logs for the

  • Creates a git bare repo (can be skipped with --skip-bare-repo) where updates can be pushed to git via ssh: root@ip:/home/domain.com/www.git

License: MIT

Copyright: © 2013 Mardix

Python version >= 2.7.5

Platform: Linux (Centos, RHEL, Ubuntu) and OSX

###Usage as script:

VHostManager can be used via the command line. It must be executed as root or use sudo to execute ie:

python vhost_manager --list-domains 
sudo python vhost_manager --list-domains

Add or Remove a domain. If not specified, the port is 80 by default

vhost_manager.py [--add | --remove] domain.com

Add or Remove a domain on the port 8080 for domain.com

vhost_manager.py [--add | --remove] domain.com:8080

Add or Remove Alias (Alias is a full domain name)

vhost_manager.py [--add | --remove] domain.com:8080 --a mysitealias1.com --a myotheralias.net

Add or Remove Subdomain (Subdomain is a prefix that will be added on the domain, admin will be prefixed in domain.com -> admin.domain.com)

vhost_manager.py [--add | --remove] domain.com:8080 --s admin -s www

List all the domains

vhost_manager.py --list-domains

List all alias of a domain

vhost_manager.py --list-alias domain.com:8080

###Usage as module

Vhost Manager can be used as module in your application. Just import the module to your application and you should be good to go.

import vhost_manager

with vhost_manager.VHost() as vhost:

	# Add domain or alias to a domain
	vhost.add(domain="domain.com", port="80", alias=["www.domain.com", "admin.domain.com"])

	# Remove domain
	vhost.remove(domain="domain.com", port="80")

	# Remove alias to a domain. In this case it will remove admin.domain.com
	vhost.remove(domain="domain.com", port="80", alias=["admin.domain.com"])

	# Get a list of all the domains
	all_domains = vhost.list_domains()

	# Get a list of all alias on domain.com
	all_alias = vhost.list_domains("domain.com", port=80)