Implementing various social media interfaces using JBehave, Serenity, and Selenium
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Status #Selenium/Serenity/JBehave base A framework skeleton for testing using Selenium/Serenity/JBehave.


Serenity Report

The report can be found on our Github Pages

To Run

For most fun and functionality modify the pom.xml with your account stuff. Right now it supposed Twitter and Github. The tests just send a simple "Hello" tweet and star this repo. There's also a Google test that doesn't require any credentials.

mvn verify is all that's required to run the tests via Firefox.
mvn -Psauce verify will run tests on Sauce Labs.

  • Will also generate an aggregated test report in target/serenity/index.html


  • Integrate JIRA access via - Serenity-JIRA plugin
  • Integrated Saucelabs -
    • Created a Saucelabs profile, now we can run Sauce Labs tests via mvn -Psauce verify
    • Run Firefox by default.
  • Integrated TravisCI - .travis.yml
  • Added alternative resources