Arduino Due and AVR (Uno, Mega, Nano, Pro Mini,...) library for interfacing with ILI9341 SPI TFTs
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Version History:

v1.01.008 - fixed buffered line drawing in cases where the line length is equal to buffer size (thanks doppelT)
v1.01.007 - fixed fillRect function ambiguity when compiling some examples (thanks MartyMacGyver)
v1.01.006 - fixed font rendering for font heights that are multiples of 8 (thanks Wolf)
v1.01.005 - added getTextArea()
          - renamed charWidth() -> getCharWidth() (previously undocummented function)
          - renamed stringWidth() -> getStringWidth() (previously undocummented function)
          - renamed fontHeight() -> getFontHeight() (previously undocummented function)
          - added documentation for functions
               - cursorToXY
               - cursorTo
               - getCharWidth
               - getStringWidth
               - getFontHeight
v1.01.004 - added some getters:
               - getCursorX
               - getCursorY
               - getFont
               - getTextColor
               - getTextBackgroundColor
               - getFontMode
               - getTextScale
v1.01.003 - removed the reference to UTFT.h from uTouch* examples
v1.01.002 - improved the speed of fillCircleHelper (thanks to Chris_CT for this optimization)
v1.01.001 - added getDisplayStatus function
v1.01.000 - added UTouch examples
v1.00.001 - removed some unused variables and functions, fixed compiler warnings
v1.00.000 - Breaking changes:
                - functions renamed:
                    drawArc -> fillArc
                    selectFont -> setFont
                    defineArea -> setTextArea
                    setFontColor -> setTextColor
                    setCursor -> cursorToXY
                    setTextSize -> setTextScale
                    setFontLetterSpacing -> setTextLetterSpacing
                    getFontLetterSpacing -> getTextLetterSpacing
                    drawString -> print, printAt, printAligned
                    drawStringOffseted -> printAlignedOffseted
                    drawStringPivoted -> printAlignedPivoted
                    drawStringPivotedOffseted -> printAlignedPivotedOffseted
                - setTextArea (previously defineArea) and all rectangle functions are now set 
                  by x,y,width,height (previously x1,y1,x2,y2)
                - images in .565 format must be generated again with the current BMP24toILI565
                - removed glcdfont, use SystemFont5x7 instead
          - New functions
                - setAngleOffset (extracted from setArcParams)
                - drawLineByAngle
                - printAtOffseted
                - clearArea
                - drawImage
                - setTextLineSpacing
                - drawBitmap - well not a new function but now it actually works
          - New additions
                - SPI transactions support
                - added support for String and FlashStringHelper*
                - supporting '\n' in strings
                - much more predefined colors like ILI9341_CHOCOLATE or ILI9341_SKYBLUE
                - BMP24toILI9341Array - a tool to convert BMP image to an array
                  (so you can draw small images directly from memory, no need for an SD card)
                - a few new example sketches
          - Other changes
                - many speed improvements
                - removed ILI9341_due_gText.h, ILI_SDSpi.h, ILI_SdFatConfig.h
                - added ILI9341_due_config.h
                - gText is now embedded directly in the ILI9341_due library so you do not
                  need to create ILI9341_due_gText objects anymore. Just call tft.print
                - updated page, documented all functions with examples and 
                - ILIScreenshotViewer has embedded console and automatically loads
                  screenshots (no need to copy/paste strings)
                - everything else I forgot about (let me know in the arduino forum)

v0.94.000 - Added AVR compatibility, the library can now be also used on Uno, Mega and alike.
			Please check the page for more information (especially if you want to
			use gText)
v0.93.000 - Breaking changes:
                - setRotation now needs iliRotation enum as a parameter (instead of an int)
                - the meaning of some gText drawString parameters have changed 
                  (event though the parameter type is the same)
          - New additions:
                - gText drawString with new parameters
                - new gText drawStringOffseted, drawStringPivoted, drawStringPivotedOffseted 
          - gText fontLetterSpacing default value is now 2 (previously 0)
          - examples updated

v0.92.002 - Fixed drawArc
		  - Added setArcParams function to change maxArcAngle and arcAngleOffset at runtime

v0.92.001 - Added fontHeight function in gText
          - fixes for NORMAL and EXTENDED mode

v0.92.000 - Added drawArc function for drawing arcs and circles with thickness and pies
          - Added screenshotToConsole method and ILIScreenShotViewer app for taking 
            screenshots from the display
          - Added alignment options for drawString in ILI9341_due_gText
v0.91.002 - Updated graphicstestWithStats example sketch so it does not use Streaming.h

v0.91.001 - Performance improvements (especially fill circle)
          - Fixed a scanline fill bug, clean up commented out code

v0.91.000 - Added functions for controlling TFT power levels (sleep, idle, setPowerLevel)

v0.90.026 - Fixed fillScreen after recent changes

v0.90.025 - Added PushColors565 function
          - Added BMP24toILI565 tool
          - Updated sdFatTftBitmap example

v0.90.010 - Initial version