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VANO: a NANO light-wallet browser extension
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A NANO light-wallet browser extension. It works with NANO, a fast & fee-less currency secured by a decentralised network. The wallet stores all sensitive data locally (encrypted) and never communicates it to a server.

VANO is still in beta, do not store large amounts of NANO on this wallet!


Deeplink support

The extension requires read/write access to allow for deeplink recognition on a browser. If detected, clicking on a deeplink will automatically open a popup with the amount & address filled in, ready to be send. This feature currently only works for Chrome/Brave users (showing a popup on firefox seems to be difficult).

You can test deeplinks on my DEMO page.

How to run the extension locally (with deeplinks)

  1. Download as ZIP and UNZIP into a folder
  2. Open a terminal and 'cd' into the folder
  3. Run:
$ npm install
$ npm run build
  1. Open Chrome/Brave and enter as URL: 'chrome://extensions/'
  2. In the right-top corner toggle 'Developer mode'
  3. In the left-top corner click 'Load unpacked'
  4. Select the dist-folder inside your unzipped folder
  5. Vano is now installed locally (don't remove the unzipped folder, otherwise the extension won't run anymore) and can be used together with deeplinks.

⚠️ WARNING: Please save your seed somewhere safe! If you uninstall/remove the extension, your imported seed is gone and has to be imported again

Some special commands for development:

npm run build

Build the extension into dist folder for production.

npm run build:dev

Build the extension into dist folder for development.

npm run watch

Watch for modifications then run npm run build.

npm run watch:dev

Watch for modifications then run npm run build:dev.

It also enable Hot Module Reloading, thanks to webpack-chrome-extension-reloader plugin.

Keep in mind that HMR only works for your background entry.

npm run build-zip

Build a zip file following this format <name>-v<version>.zip, by reading name and version from manifest.json file. Zip file is located in dist-zip folder.


  • Tests
  • Add addressbook (alias system?)
  • Optimalisation of JS functions
  • Improve some shitty CSS (on components and globally)
  • Documentation + better structure for teamwork
  • Set more user-option like a minimum receive amount
  • Perhaps select what specific individual pendings to accept?


Special thanks to the following repo's. You made the creation of this extension a lot easier. Thank you!


If you like what I've made and/or are feeling generous, you can donate to me at xrb_1xrhezmywgmq3n13d5rdnntubdkafi8qnxjcmwj6wqhwis8go84m18639tue

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