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Unofficial Python interface for Diaspora* social network

Diaspy on PyPI

diaspy is a set of modules which form an Python interface to the API of Diaspora* social network.

Test suite will cause problems when run with 2.x so testing should be done using python3 interpreter.

Object oriented design of diaspy makes it easily reusable by other developers who want to use only part of the interface and create derivative works from it.

Developers who don't like the design of diaspy and want to create something better can use only diaspy.connection.Connection() object as it is capable of doing everything. Other modules are just layers that provide easier access to parts of the Diaspora* API.


List of software diaspy requires to run. Versions used by maintainer are the ones available in stock Arch x86_64 repositories.


Version: 3.3.3 Website


Version: 2.1.0 Website


Version: >= 2.2 Website

Optional: python-beautifulsoup4 Website

Quick intro

1. Posting text to your stream

You only need two objects to do this: Stream() and Connection().

>>> import diaspy
>>> c = diaspy.connection.Connection(pod='',
...                                  username='foo',
...                                  password='bar')
>>> c.login()
>>> stream = diaspy.streams.Stream(c)
>>>'Your first post')

2. Reference implementation

There is no official reference implementation of D* client using diaspy. The diaspy.client module is no longer maintained and will be removed in the future.

However, there is a small script written that uses diaspy as its backend. Look for diacli in marekjm's repositories on GitHub.

To get more information about how the code works read documentation (./doc/ directory) and manual (./manual/ directory).