A Tomcat-Manager like Application for Play Framework based Applications
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Welcome to Play! Manager!

Play! Manager is a Web-Application (based on the Java Play! Framework) for managing Play! Applications, similar to the Tomcat-Manager, but instead of deploying a .war File you deploy your zipped Play! Application. You can start, stop, deploy and redeploy your Application. Addionally you can access the log file (system.out) and the current status (play status) of your Application.


You have to configure the following settings in /conf/application.conf in order to get Play! Manager up and running:

app.playpath=PATH TO PLAY (e.g. D:\\play\\play.bat)
app.appsdirectory=PATH TO YOUR PLAY APPLICATIONS (e.g. D:\\play-apps\\)
app.appstempdirectory=PATH TO A TEMP FOLDER (e.g. D:\\play-apps\\tmp\\)

The Application has a HTTP-Basic-Authentication, with the following default values:

Username: play
Password: manager

It is highly recommend to change those values, which you find find also in the /conf/application.conf.


  • Download the latest version of Play! Manager
  • Unpack
  • Run play id and set id to prod
  • Run play start to start Play! Manager (Make sure that the Terminal you start Play! Manager has administrative rights!)

Play! Manager is now running at

See the Play manual on how to set Play in a more productive environment, like Setting up a frontal HTTP server

You can still start and stop, deploy or redeploy your Play! Applications outside of Play! Manager!


Currently Play! Manager works clean on Windows. It is tested on Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008. It will NOT work under Linux and Mac!


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svenkubiak // play (german)