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VASE: Visual Abstracts for Software Engineering

Slides and materials from a tutorial given at CBSoft 2019 (held in Brazil) describe how to use the design science template in action are posted here: (the tutorial was also about research methods, see slides 64 of the slides deck

Slides from talk at ESEM are available here:

Related blog post is here:

Empirical software engineering research aims to generate prescriptive knowledge that can help software engineers improve their work and overcome their challenges, but deriving these insights from real-world problems can be challenging. We promote design science as an effective way to produce and communicate prescriptive knowledge while we propose using a visual abstract template to communicate design science contributions and highlight the main problem/solution constructs of this area of research, as well as to present the validity aspects of design knowledge.

We have posted a template of this visual abstract, and we welcome comments as well as examples of how this abstract can be applied to your research!


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