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Tentative Schedule CSCW 2018, Course Slides and Readings

Note: This schedule will be updated continuously throughout the term!
Last updated: May 10th, 2018.

Part 1: Foundations, Background and Project Proposals

Week 1, May 8th: Introduction: Course Mechanics and Why CSCW and History of CSCW

Week 2, May 17th: Theories: Distance Matters, Awareness and Distributed Cognition

Week 3, May 24th: Evaluation: Frameworks and Empirical methods in CSCW

Week 4, May 31st: Techniques: Collaborative Technologies, Social Media and Bots.

Week 5, June 7th: Project proposal presentations, feedback and discussion

  • Project written proposals are due June 8th, by 5pm.
  • Administrivia

Part 2: Applications of CSCW

Note: the format for these weeks may include graduate student presentations plus moderated discussions on student chosen topics.

Week 6, June 14th: Workshop #1 (Topic: Digital Humanities, Moderated by Peggy Storey)

  • Blog post and comments due: due June 13th by 2pm (Note: please blog about the readings for Week 7 as discussed in class)
  • Optional reading:
  • Guest speaker: Prof Ray Siemens (Slides from this talk are posted the digital-humanities Slack channel!)
  • Field Trip to DHSI
  • Note you will blog about this topic (the lecture, short talks) after this class and it is due by June 20th

Week 7, June 21st: Communities: Social Networking, Knowledge Communities and Communities of Practice.
(Actually this is part of the foundations for the course, but due to timing of the DHSI we delayed this class)

Week 8, June 28th: Project update presentations (e.g., demo of Bot MVP, or project update) in class.

  • Project interim reports due June 29th, by 5pm.
  • Slides:

Week 9, July 5th: Workshop #2

  • Blog post and comments due: July 4th (by 2pm)
  • Slides:
  • Required Readings:
    • The future of work: Insights for CSCW (Note you need to be at UVic or logged into Uvic library to access this article)
    • Beyond disruption (Note this page is a brief summary which gives you some ideas, and it links to a much longer article that is optional to read or skim through)
  • Topic: The Future of Work (a CSCW perspective)
  • Grad leaders: Andreas, Ying; Undergrad helpers: Jon, Kira, Matti
  • Agenda:
    • Feedback and discussion on Digital Humanities workshop, Peggy (20 mins)
    • Introduction to the Workshop topic: CSCW and the Future of work (Peggy, approx 25-30 mins)
    • Break 1 (10 mins)
    • “Workforce transitions in a time of automation”, Ying Wang (15 mins)
    • "The future of work and work-life balance 2025", Andreas Koenzen (15 mins)
    • "Organizational Behaviour", insights from across campus by Matti Laine Farrell (10 mins)
    • Break 2 (10 mins)
    • Small group activity: Your predictions on how CSCW may impact the future of work (introduced and chaired by Jon Grandfield and Kira Elise Tilcock)

Week 10, July 12th: Workshop #3

  • Blog post due: July 11th by 2pm. Topic: "Ethical implications of socio-technical systems". (Note, no assigned reading for this week, but you may use this article as a starting point or feel free to use your own experiences or other resources:, and I created a channel in our Slack (ethics-and-cscw) where we can add links to resources around this topic, I added some already)
  • Workshop Topic: CSCW Challenges
  • Workshop leaders: Leon, Hamzah, Lucas, Haotian, Jian and Peggy (and guest Jorin Weatherstone)
  • Agenda:
    • Assorted War Stories and Challenges faced in CSCW
      • "Failure of CSCW Tools" presented by Haotian Shen (20 mins)
      • "CSCW&Education, Challenges and Future", presented by Leon (15 mins)
      • "The Role of Social Media in MOOCs (and challenges encountered)" presented by Jian Wu (20 mins)
      • "When distributed situation awareness goes wrong" presented by Peggy Storey (15 mins)
    • Ethics and CSCW
      • Videos and Short presentations by Hamzah, Lucas and invited guest Jorin Weatherstone (30 mins)
      • A Fishbowl panel: "Ethical considerations and CSCW" Moderated by Hamzan and Lucas (20 mins)

Week 11, July 19th: Workshop #4

  • Blog post and comments due: July 18th (no specific reading this week, blog on "Reflections on how CSCW may impact Software Engineering Work Practices and Tools" -- refer back to the materials covered over the entire course for this post and relate to your project if you wish!)
  • Topic: The impact of Data on Collaboration in Software Engineering
  • Agenda (we will use Slack for in class discussions and asking questions, see the softdev-cscw channel):
    • Leif Singer (Automattic (Wordpress), Germany): "Three not entirely surprising ways Automattic uses data"
    • Kim Herzig (Microsoft, USA): "The new collaboration language during development cycles: Telemetry"
    • BREAK
    • Daniel German (Uvic, Open Source): "Measuring Health of Open Source Systems"
    • "Data Scientists in Software Teams: State of the Art and Challenges", presented by Liam Day (see

Weeks 12 and 13, July 26th: Project Final Presentations in-class (5 minute videos)