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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
#include "system.h" // for HAS_DVD_DRIVE et. al.
#include "XBApplicationEx.h"
#include "guilib/IMsgTargetCallback.h"
#include "guilib/Key.h"
#include "threads/Condition.h"
#include <map>
class CFileItem;
class CFileItemList;
namespace ADDON
class CSkinInfo;
class IAddon;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<IAddon> AddonPtr;
namespace MEDIA_DETECT
class CAutorun;
#include "cores/IPlayer.h"
#include "cores/playercorefactory/PlayerCoreFactory.h"
#include "PlayListPlayer.h"
#if !defined(_WIN32) && defined(HAS_DVD_DRIVE)
#include "storage/DetectDVDType.h"
#ifdef _WIN32
#include "win32/WIN32Util.h"
#include "utils/Stopwatch.h"
#include "network/Network.h"
#include "utils/CharsetConverter.h"
#include "utils/PerformanceStats.h"
#include "windowing/XBMC_events.h"
#include "threads/Thread.h"
class CSeekHandler;
class CKaraokeLyricsManager;
class CInertialScrollingHandler;
class DPMSSupport;
class CSplash;
class CBookmark;
class CWebServer;
class CWebServer;
class CHTTPImageHandler;
class CHTTPVfsHandler;
class CHTTPJsonRpcHandler;
class CHTTPWebinterfaceHandler;
class CHTTPWebinterfaceAddonsHandler;
namespace VIDEO
class CVideoInfoScanner;
namespace MUSIC_INFO
class CMusicInfoScanner;
class CBackgroundPlayer : public CThread
CBackgroundPlayer(const CFileItem &item, int iPlayList);
virtual ~CBackgroundPlayer();
virtual void Process();
CFileItem *m_item;
int m_iPlayList;
class CApplication : public CXBApplicationEx, public IPlayerCallback, public IMsgTargetCallback
virtual ~CApplication(void);
virtual bool Initialize();
virtual void FrameMove(bool processEvents, bool processGUI = true);
virtual void Render();
virtual bool RenderNoPresent();
virtual void Preflight();
virtual bool Create();
virtual bool Cleanup();
bool CreateGUI();
bool InitWindow();
bool DestroyWindow();
void StartServices();
void StopServices();
bool StartServer(enum ESERVERS eServer, bool bStart, bool bWait = false);
bool StartWebServer();
void StopWebServer();
bool StartAirplayServer();
void StopAirplayServer(bool bWait);
bool StartJSONRPCServer();
void StopJSONRPCServer(bool bWait);
void StartUPnP();
void StopUPnP(bool bWait);
void StartUPnPRenderer();
void StopUPnPRenderer();
void StartUPnPServer();
void StopUPnPServer();
void StartPVRManager();
void StopPVRManager();
bool StartEventServer();
bool StopEventServer(bool bWait, bool promptuser);
void RefreshEventServer();
void StartZeroconf();
void StopZeroconf();
void DimLCDOnPlayback(bool dim);
bool IsCurrentThread() const;
void Stop(int exitCode);
void RestartApp();
void UnloadSkin(bool forReload = false);
bool LoadUserWindows();
void ReloadSkin();
const CStdString& CurrentFile();
CFileItem& CurrentFileItem();
virtual bool OnMessage(CGUIMessage& message);
PLAYERCOREID GetCurrentPlayer();
virtual void OnPlayBackEnded();
virtual void OnPlayBackStarted();
virtual void OnPlayBackPaused();
virtual void OnPlayBackResumed();
virtual void OnPlayBackStopped();
virtual void OnQueueNextItem();
virtual void OnPlayBackSeek(int iTime, int seekOffset);
virtual void OnPlayBackSeekChapter(int iChapter);
virtual void OnPlayBackSpeedChanged(int iSpeed);
bool PlayMedia(const CFileItem& item, int iPlaylist = PLAYLIST_MUSIC);
bool PlayMediaSync(const CFileItem& item, int iPlaylist = PLAYLIST_MUSIC);
bool ProcessAndStartPlaylist(const CStdString& strPlayList, PLAYLIST::CPlayList& playlist, int iPlaylist, int track=0);
bool PlayFile(const CFileItem& item, bool bRestart = false);
void SaveFileState(bool bForeground = false);
void UpdateFileState();
void StopPlaying();
void Restart(bool bSamePosition = true);
void DelayedPlayerRestart();
void CheckDelayedPlayerRestart();
bool IsPlaying() const;
bool IsPaused() const;
bool IsPlayingAudio() const;
bool IsPlayingVideo() const;
bool IsPlayingFullScreenVideo() const;
bool IsStartingPlayback() const { return m_bPlaybackStarting; }
bool IsFullScreen();
bool OnKey(const CKey& key);
bool OnAppCommand(const CAction &action);
bool OnAction(const CAction &action);
void CheckShutdown();
void InhibitIdleShutdown(bool inhibit);
bool IsIdleShutdownInhibited() const;
// Checks whether the screensaver and / or DPMS should become active.
void CheckScreenSaverAndDPMS();
void CheckPlayingProgress();
void CheckAudioScrobblerStatus();
void ActivateScreenSaver(bool forceType = false);
virtual void Process();
void ProcessSlow();
void ResetScreenSaver();
int GetVolume() const;
void SetVolume(float iValue, bool isPercentage = true);
bool IsMuted() const;
void ToggleMute(void);
void ShowVolumeBar(const CAction *action = NULL);
int GetPlaySpeed() const;
int GetSubtitleDelay() const;
int GetAudioDelay() const;
void SetPlaySpeed(int iSpeed);
void ResetSystemIdleTimer();
void ResetScreenSaverTimer();
void StopScreenSaverTimer();
// Wakes up from the screensaver and / or DPMS. Returns true if woken up.
bool WakeUpScreenSaverAndDPMS(bool bPowerOffKeyPressed = false);
bool WakeUpScreenSaver(bool bPowerOffKeyPressed = false);
\brief Returns the total time in fractional seconds of the currently playing media
Beware that this method returns fractional seconds whereas IPlayer::GetTotalTime() returns milliseconds.
double GetTotalTime() const;
\brief Returns the current time in fractional seconds of the currently playing media
Beware that this method returns fractional seconds whereas IPlayer::GetTime() returns milliseconds.
double GetTime() const;
float GetPercentage() const;
// Get the percentage of data currently cached/buffered (aq/vq + FileCache) from the input stream if applicable.
float GetCachePercentage() const;
void SeekPercentage(float percent);
void SeekTime( double dTime = 0.0 );
void StopShutdownTimer();
void ResetShutdownTimers();
void StopVideoScan();
void StopMusicScan();
bool IsMusicScanning() const;
bool IsVideoScanning() const;
void StartVideoCleanup();
void StartVideoScan(const CStdString &path, bool scanAll = false);
void StartMusicScan(const CStdString &path, int flags = 0);
void StartMusicAlbumScan(const CStdString& strDirectory, bool refresh=false);
void StartMusicArtistScan(const CStdString& strDirectory, bool refresh=false);
void UpdateLibraries();
void CheckMusicPlaylist();
bool ExecuteXBMCAction(std::string action);
static bool OnEvent(XBMC_Event& newEvent);
#if defined(HAS_LINUX_NETWORK)
CNetworkLinux& getNetwork();
#elif defined(HAS_WIN32_NETWORK)
CNetworkWin32& getNetwork();
CNetwork& getNetwork();
CPerformanceStats &GetPerformanceStats();
MEDIA_DETECT::CAutorun* m_Autorun;
#if !defined(_WIN32) && defined(HAS_DVD_DRIVE)
MEDIA_DETECT::CDetectDVDMedia m_DetectDVDType;
IPlayer* m_pPlayer;
CWebServer& m_WebServer;
CHTTPImageHandler& m_httpImageHandler;
CHTTPVfsHandler& m_httpVfsHandler;
CHTTPJsonRpcHandler& m_httpJsonRpcHandler;
CHTTPWebinterfaceHandler& m_httpWebinterfaceHandler;
CHTTPWebinterfaceAddonsHandler& m_httpWebinterfaceAddonsHandler;
inline bool IsInScreenSaver() { return m_bScreenSave; };
int m_iScreenSaveLock; // spiff: are we checking for a lock? if so, ignore the screensaver state, if -1 we have failed to input locks
bool m_bIsPaused;
bool m_bPlaybackStarting;
CKaraokeLyricsManager* m_pKaraokeMgr;
PLAYERCOREID m_eForcedNextPlayer;
CStdString m_strPlayListFile;
int GlobalIdleTime();
void NewFrame();
bool WaitFrame(unsigned int timeout);
void EnablePlatformDirectories(bool enable=true)
m_bPlatformDirectories = enable;
bool PlatformDirectoriesEnabled()
return m_bPlatformDirectories;
void SetStandAlone(bool value);
bool IsStandAlone()
return m_bStandalone;
void SetEnableLegacyRes(bool value)
m_bEnableLegacyRes = value;
bool IsEnableLegacyRes()
return m_bEnableLegacyRes;
void SetEnableTestMode(bool value)
m_bTestMode = value;
bool IsEnableTestMode()
return m_bTestMode;
bool IsPresentFrame();
void Minimize();
bool ToggleDPMS(bool manual);
float GetDimScreenSaverLevel() const;
/*! \brief Retrieve the applications seek handler.
\return a constant pointer to the seek handler.
\sa CSeekHandler
const CSeekHandler *GetSeekHandler() const { return m_seekHandler; };
bool SwitchToFullScreen();
CSplash* GetSplash() { return m_splash; }
void SetRenderGUI(bool renderGUI);
bool LoadSkin(const CStdString& skinID);
void LoadSkin(const boost::shared_ptr<ADDON::CSkinInfo>& skin);
bool m_skinReloading; // if true we disallow LoadSkin until ReloadSkin is called
#if defined(TARGET_DARWIN_IOS)
friend class CWinEventsIOS;
// screensaver
bool m_bScreenSave;
ADDON::AddonPtr m_screenSaver;
// timer information
#ifdef _WIN32
CWinIdleTimer m_idleTimer;
CStopWatch m_idleTimer;
CStopWatch m_restartPlayerTimer;
CStopWatch m_frameTime;
CStopWatch m_navigationTimer;
CStopWatch m_slowTimer;
CStopWatch m_screenSaverTimer;
CStopWatch m_shutdownTimer;
bool m_bInhibitIdleShutdown;
DPMSSupport* m_dpms;
bool m_dpmsIsActive;
bool m_dpmsIsManual;
CFileItemPtr m_itemCurrentFile;
CFileItemList* m_currentStack;
CFileItemPtr m_stackFileItemToUpdate;
CStdString m_prevMedia;
CSplash* m_splash;
ThreadIdentifier m_threadID; // application thread ID. Used in applicationMessanger to know where we are firing a thread with delay from.
PLAYERCOREID m_eCurrentPlayer;
bool m_bInitializing;
bool m_bPlatformDirectories;
CBookmark& m_progressTrackingVideoResumeBookmark;
CFileItemPtr m_progressTrackingItem;
bool m_progressTrackingPlayCountUpdate;
int m_iPlaySpeed;
int m_currentStackPosition;
int m_nextPlaylistItem;
bool m_bPresentFrame;
unsigned int m_lastFrameTime;
unsigned int m_lastRenderTime;
bool m_bStandalone;
bool m_bEnableLegacyRes;
bool m_bTestMode;
bool m_bSystemScreenSaverEnable;
int m_frameCount;
CCriticalSection m_frameMutex;
XbmcThreads::ConditionVariable m_frameCond;
VIDEO::CVideoInfoScanner *m_videoInfoScanner;
MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoScanner *m_musicInfoScanner;
void Mute();
void UnMute();
void SetHardwareVolume(float hardwareVolume);
void UpdateLCD();
void VolumeChanged() const;
bool PlayStack(const CFileItem& item, bool bRestart);
bool ProcessMouse();
bool ProcessRemote(float frameTime);
bool ProcessGamepad(float frameTime);
bool ProcessEventServer(float frameTime);
bool ProcessPeripherals(float frameTime);
bool ProcessJsonRpcButtons();
bool ProcessJoystickEvent(const std::string& joystickName, int button, bool isAxis, float fAmount, unsigned int holdTime = 0);
int GetActiveWindowID(void);
float NavigationIdleTime();
static bool AlwaysProcess(const CAction& action);
void SaveCurrentFileSettings();
bool InitDirectoriesLinux();
bool InitDirectoriesOSX();
bool InitDirectoriesWin32();
void CreateUserDirs();
CSeekHandler *m_seekHandler;
CInertialScrollingHandler *m_pInertialScrollingHandler;
#if defined(HAS_LINUX_NETWORK)
CNetworkLinux m_network;
#elif defined(HAS_WIN32_NETWORK)
CNetworkWin32 m_network;
CNetwork m_network;
CPerformanceStats m_perfStats;
std::map<std::string, std::map<int, float> > m_lastAxisMap;
extern CApplication g_application;
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