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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
#include <climits>
#include <cmath>
#include <vector>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "MediaSource.h"
// A list of filesystem types for LegalPath/FileName
#define LEGAL_NONE 0
#define LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT 1
#define LEGAL_FATX 2
namespace XFILE
class IFileCallback;
class CFileItem;
class CFileItemList;
class CURL;
struct sortstringbyname
bool operator()(const CStdString& strItem1, const CStdString& strItem2)
CStdString strLine1 = strItem1;
CStdString strLine2 = strItem2;
strLine1 = strLine1.ToLower();
strLine2 = strLine2.ToLower();
return strcmp(strLine1.c_str(), strLine2.c_str()) < 0;
class CUtil
virtual ~CUtil(void);
static bool GetVolumeFromFileName(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strFileTitle, CStdString& strVolumeNumber);
static void CleanString(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strTitle, CStdString& strTitleAndYear, CStdString& strYear, bool bRemoveExtension = false, bool bCleanChars = true);
static CStdString GetTitleFromPath(const CStdString& strFileNameAndPath, bool bIsFolder = false);
static void GetQualifiedFilename(const CStdString &strBasePath, CStdString &strFilename);
static void RunShortcut(const char* szPath);
static void GetHomePath(CStdString& strPath, const CStdString& strTarget = "XBMC_HOME");
static bool IsPVR(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsHTSP(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsLiveTV(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsTVRecording(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool ExcludeFileOrFolder(const CStdString& strFileOrFolder, const CStdStringArray& regexps);
static void GetFileAndProtocol(const CStdString& strURL, CStdString& strDir);
static int GetDVDIfoTitle(const CStdString& strPathFile);
static bool IsPicture(const CStdString& strFile);
/*! \brief retrieve MD5sum of a file
\param strPath - path to the file to MD5sum
\return md5 sum of the file
static CStdString GetFileMD5(const CStdString& strPath);
static bool GetDirectoryName(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strDescription);
static void GetDVDDriveIcon( const CStdString& strPath, CStdString& strIcon );
static void RemoveTempFiles();
static void ClearTempFonts();
static void ClearSubtitles();
static void ScanForExternalSubtitles(const CStdString& strMovie, std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles );
static int ScanArchiveForSubtitles( const CStdString& strArchivePath, const CStdString& strMovieFileNameNoExt, std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles );
static bool FindVobSubPair( const std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles, const CStdString& strIdxPath, CStdString& strSubPath );
static bool IsVobSub( const std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles, const CStdString& strSubPath );
static int64_t ToInt64(uint32_t high, uint32_t low);
static CStdString GetNextFilename(const CStdString &fn_template, int max);
static CStdString GetNextPathname(const CStdString &path_template, int max);
static void Tokenize(const CStdString& path, std::vector<CStdString>& tokens, const std::string& delimiters);
static void StatToStatI64(struct _stati64 *result, struct stat *stat);
static void Stat64ToStatI64(struct _stati64 *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
static void StatI64ToStat64(struct __stat64 *result, struct _stati64 *stat);
static void Stat64ToStat(struct stat *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
#ifdef _WIN32
static void Stat64ToStat64i32(struct _stat64i32 *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
static bool CreateDirectoryEx(const CStdString& strPath);
#ifdef _WIN32
static CStdString MakeLegalFileName(const CStdString &strFile, int LegalType=LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT);
static CStdString MakeLegalPath(const CStdString &strPath, int LegalType=LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT);
static CStdString MakeLegalFileName(const CStdString &strFile, int LegalType=LEGAL_NONE);
static CStdString MakeLegalPath(const CStdString &strPath, int LegalType=LEGAL_NONE);
static CStdString ValidatePath(const CStdString &path, bool bFixDoubleSlashes = false); ///< return a validated path, with correct directory separators.
static bool IsUsingTTFSubtitles();
/*! \brief Split a comma separated parameter list into separate parameters.
Takes care of the case where we may have a quoted string containing commas, or we may
have a function (i.e. parentheses) with multiple parameters as a single parameter.
foo, bar(param1, param2), foo
will return:
"foo", "bar(param1, param2)", and "foo".
\param paramString the string to break up
\param parameters the returned parameters
static void SplitParams(const CStdString &paramString, std::vector<CStdString> &parameters);
static void SplitExecFunction(const CStdString &execString, CStdString &function, std::vector<CStdString> &parameters);
static int GetMatchingSource(const CStdString& strPath, VECSOURCES& VECSOURCES, bool& bIsSourceName);
static CStdString TranslateSpecialSource(const CStdString &strSpecial);
static void DeleteDirectoryCache(const CStdString &prefix = "");
static void DeleteMusicDatabaseDirectoryCache();
static void DeleteVideoDatabaseDirectoryCache();
static CStdString MusicPlaylistsLocation();
static CStdString VideoPlaylistsLocation();
static bool SetSysDateTimeYear(int iYear, int iMonth, int iDay, int iHour, int iMinute);
static int GMTZoneCalc(int iRescBiases, int iHour, int iMinute, int &iMinuteNew);
static void GetSkinThemes(std::vector<CStdString>& vecTheme);
static void GetRecursiveListing(const CStdString& strPath, CFileItemList& items, const CStdString& strMask, bool bUseFileDirectories=false);
static void GetRecursiveDirsListing(const CStdString& strPath, CFileItemList& items);
static void ForceForwardSlashes(CStdString& strPath);
static double AlbumRelevance(const CStdString& strAlbumTemp1, const CStdString& strAlbum1, const CStdString& strArtistTemp1, const CStdString& strArtist1);
static bool MakeShortenPath(CStdString StrInput, CStdString& StrOutput, int iTextMaxLength);
/*! \brief Checks wether the supplied path supports Write file operations (e.g. Rename, Delete, ...)
\param strPath the path to be checked
\return true if Write file operations are supported, false otherwise
static bool SupportsWriteFileOperations(const CStdString& strPath);
/*! \brief Checks wether the supplied path supports Read file operations (e.g. Copy, ...)
\param strPath the path to be checked
\return true if Read file operations are supported, false otherwise
static bool SupportsReadFileOperations(const CStdString& strPath);
static CStdString GetDefaultFolderThumb(const CStdString &folderThumb);
static bool TestSplitExec();
static bool TestGetQualifiedFilename();
static bool TestMakeLegalPath();
static void InitRandomSeed();
// Get decimal integer representation of roman digit, ivxlcdm are valid
// return 0 for other chars;
static int LookupRomanDigit(char roman_digit);
// Translate a string of roman numerals to decimal a decimal integer
// return -1 on error, valid range is 1-3999
static int TranslateRomanNumeral(const char* roman_numeral);
#ifdef _LINUX
// this will run the command using sudo in a new process.
// the user that runs xbmc should be allowed to issue the given sudo command.
// in order to allow a user to run sudo without supplying the password you'll need to edit sudoers
// # sudo visudo
// and add a line at the end defining the user and allowed commands
static bool SudoCommand(const CStdString &strCommand);
// Forks to execute a shell command.
static bool Command(const CStdStringArray& arrArgs, bool waitExit = false);
// Forks to execute an unparsed shell command line.
static bool RunCommandLine(const CStdString& cmdLine, bool waitExit = false);
static CStdString ResolveExecutablePath();
static CStdString GetFrameworksPath(bool forPython = false);
static bool CanBindPrivileged();
* \brief Thread-safe random number generation
static int GetRandomNumber();
#if !defined(TARGET_WINDOWS)
static unsigned int s_randomSeed;
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