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Linux Bing Wallpaper

It sets wallpaper of the Day as your Linux Desktop

supports GNOME (2 and 3), KDE 4 / Plasma 5, XFCE4, MATE, Cinnamon, LXDE(LXQT), as well fallback to feh.


Install golang.

git clone
cd linux-bing-wallpaper
go build bing-wallpaper.go

Copy the generated bing-wallpaper somewhere (~/bin for example)

Run it using cron or systemd user service.

So next time you boot your computer for the first time a day, it'll run once.

Next boots it will run too, but do nothing.

Easy commands

    # The first param is Market
    # The second param should be false to not loop infinitely (for cron)
    # (otherwise, script will keep running and checking for the next update)
    ~/bin/bing-wallpaper en-US true

Example cron usage (crontab -e for your user)

# m h dom mon dow command
* * * * * ~/bin/bing-wallpaper en-US false

Example systemd user service usage

mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user
cp -r bing-wallpaper.service ~/.config/systemd/user
systemctl --user enable bing-wallpaper
systemctl --user start bing-wallpaper