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Welcome to the Zend Framework 1.12 Release! 

Zend Framework 1.12.0 Release ([INSERT REV NUM HERE]).
Released on <Month> <Day>, <Year>.


This release incorporates fixes for each of:


Several components were found to be vulnerable to XML eXternal Entity
(XXE) Injection attacks due to insecure usage of the SimpleXMLElement
class (SimpleXML PHP extension).  External entities could be specified
by adding a specific DOCTYPE element to XML-RPC requests; exploiting
this vulnerability could coerce opening arbitrary files and/or TCP

Additionally, these same components were found to be vulnerable to XML
Entity Expansion (XEE) vectors. XEE attacks define custom entities
within the DOCTYPE that refer to themselves, leading to recursion; the
end result is excessive consumption of CPU and RAM, making Denial of
Service (DoS) attacks easier to implement.

Vulnerable components included:

 - Zend_Dom
 - Zend_Feed
 - Zend_Soap
 - Zend_XmlRpc

The patches applied do the following:

 - To remove XXE vectors, libxml_disable_entity_loader() is called
   before any SimpleXML calls are executed.

 - To remove XEE vectors, we loop through the DOMDocument child nodes,
   ensuring none are of type XML_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE, and raising an
   exception if any are. If SimpleXML is used, a DOMDocument is created
   first, processed as above, and then passed to simplexml_import_dom.

The above patches are also available in the 1.11 series of releases.

Thanks goes to Johannes Greil and Kestutis Gudinavicius of SEC-Consult
for reporting the original XXE vulnerability against Zend_XmlRpc and
working with us to provide a working solution. Thanks goes to Pádraic
Brady for helping us identify other XXE vectors, as well as identifying
and patching the XEE vectors.


Zend_Loader changes

A number of autoloaders and autoloader facilities were back ported from
ZF2 to provide performant alternatives to those already available in the
1.X releases.  These include: Zend_Loader_StandardAutoloader, which
improves on Zend_Loader_Autoloader by allowing the ability to specify a
specific path to associate with a vendor prefix or namespace;
Zend_Loader_ClassMapAutoloader, which provides the ability to use lookup
tables for autoloading (which are typically the fastest possible way to
autoload); and Zend_Loader_AutoloaderFactory, which can both create and
update autoloaders for you, as well as register them with

The Zend_Loader changes were back ported from ZF2 by Matthew Weier


Zend_EventManager is a component that allows you to attach and detach
listeners to named events, both on a per-instance basis as well as via
shared collections; trigger events; and interrupt execution of

Zend_EventManager was back ported from ZF2 by Matthew Weier O’Phinney


This class provides a features adapter that calls get_browser() in order
to discover mobile device capabilities to inject into UserAgent device

Browscap ( is an open project dedicated
to collecting an disseminating a “database” of browser capabilities. PHP
has built-in support for using these files via the get_browser()
function. This function requires that your php.ini provides a browscap
entry pointing to the PHP-specific php_browscap.ini file which is
available at

Zend_Http_UserAgent_Features_Adapter_Browscap was created by Matthew
Weier O’Phinney


Zend_Mobile_Push is a component for implementing push notifications for
the 3 major push notification platforms (Apple (Apns), Google (C2dm) and
Microsoft (Mpns).

Zend_Mobile_Push was contributed by Mike Willbanks.


Zend_Gdata_Analytics is an extension to Zend_Gdata to allow interaction
with Google’s Analytics Data Export API. This extension does not
encompass any major changes in the overall operation of Zend_Gdata

Zend_Gdata_Analytics was contributed by Daniel Hartmann.

Removed features


Due to the changes in licensing of WURFL, we have removed the WurflApi
adapter. We will be providing the WurflApi adapter to ScientiaMobile so
that users of WURFL will still have that option.

Bug Fixes

In addition,  over 200 reported issues in the tracker have been fixed.
We’d like to particularly thank Adam Lundrigan, Frank Brückner and
Martin Hujer for their efforts in making this happen. Thanks also to the
many people who ran the ZF1 unit tests and reported their results!

For a complete list, visit:



A detailed list of migration notes may be found at:


Zend Framework requires PHP 5.2.4 or later. Please see our reference
guide for more detailed system requirements:


Please see INSTALL.txt.


Online documentation can be found at
Questions that are not addressed in the manual should be directed to the
appropriate mailing list:

If you find code in this release behaving in an unexpected manner or
contrary to its documented behavior, please create an issue in the Zend
Framework issue tracker at:

If you would like to be notified of new releases, you can subscribe to
the fw-announce mailing list by sending a blank message to


The files in this archive are released under the Zend Framework license.
You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt.


The Zend Framework team would like to thank all the contributors to the Zend
Framework project, our corporate sponsor, and you, the Zend Framework user.
Please visit us sometime soon at
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