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Decaf is the Mugsy JSON API. And at least for now, that stands for Does Every Coffee Action, Friend.

Install on Raspbian

Current Requirements:

  • Python 3
  • MySQL
  • Pip3
  • VirtualEnv

Install(instructions in progress):

  • sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • mkdir /var/mugsy
  • cd /var/mugsy
  • git clone
  • import db/mugsy.sql into your mysql instance
  • cd decaf
  • touch
  • Edit and add:
from flaskext.mysql import MySQL  

mysql = MySQL()

dbuser = '************' 
dbpass = '************' 
dbdb = '************'
dbhost = '************'

Enter your mysql settings in place of asterisks

Start decaf by entering: sudo python3

Access end point by pointing your browser or a curl request to: etc...

dont forget to change the ip to your Pi's IP, or local host if your are browsing from the pi itself.

Relay control formatting:

It currently requires 6 arguments:

  • pinNumber
  • relayChannel
  • timeOn
  • repeatValue
  • repeatDelay
  • connectedHardware


This turns on pin 23 which is connected to relay channel 1 for 2 seconds, it repeats 2 times with a delay of 4 seconds between repeats and is connected to the grinder.

Get Pin Info By Hardware Type:

Access pinInfo by pointing your browser or a curl request to:

Please note that this runs decaf on the Flask development server and is not meant for production!

Run on Docker on Raspbian

  1. Install Git and Docker CE
  2. git clone && cd decaf
  3. Edit config file as above. dbhost = 'localhost', dbuser = 'root', dbpass = '', dbdb = 'mugsy'
  4. docker build -t heymugsy .
  5. docker run -it --rm --privileged -p 5000:5000 -v /var/lib/mysql heymugsy