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%%% Copyright (c) 2011, Alkis Gotovos <>,
%%% Maria Christakis <>
%%% and Kostis Sagonas <>.
%%% All rights reserved.
%%% This file is distributed under the Simplified BSD License.
%%% Details can be found in the LICENSE file.
%%% Authors : Alkis Gotovos <>
%%% Maria Christakis <>
%%% Description : General header file
%%% Definitions
%% Application name (atom and string).
-define(APP_ATOM, list_to_atom(?APP_STRING)).
%% Registered process names.
-define(RP_GUI, '_._gui').
-define(RP_GUI_ANALYSIS, '_._gui_analysis').
-define(RP_SCHED, '_._sched').
-define(RP_LID, '_._lid').
-define(RP_LID_SEND, ?RP_LID).
%% Named ets table names.
-define(NT_BLOCKED, '_._blocked').
-define(NT_ERROR, '_._error').
-define(NT_LID, '_._lid').
-define(NT_PID, '_._pid').
-define(NT_REF, '_._ref').
-define(NT_STATE1, '_._state1').
-define(NT_STATE2, '_._state2').
-define(NT_STATELEN, '_._state_len').
-define(NT_USED, '_._used').
-define(NT_TIMER, '_._timer').
-define(NT_INSTR_MODS, '_._instr_mods').
-define(NT_INSTR_BIFS, '_._instr_bifs').
-define(NT_INSTR_IGNORED, '_._instr_ignored').
-define(NT_INSTR, '_._instr_table').
-define(NT_OPTIONS, '_._conc_options').
%% Module containing replacement functions.
-define(REP_MOD, concuerror_rep).
%% Instrumented message atom.
-define(INSTR_MSG, '_._instr_msg').
%% Instrumented modules prefix.
-define(INSTR_PREFIX, "conc__").
%% Set-like data structure used in sched, lid and error modules.
-define(SETS, ordsets).
-define(SET_TYPE(X), [X]). %% XXX: bad -- ordsets does not export the type!
%% Default options
-define(DEFAULT_PREB, 2).
-define(DEFAULT_INCLUDE, []).
-define(DEFAULT_DEFINE, []).
%% Default export file.
-define(EXPORT_EXT, ".txt").
-define(EXPORT_FILE, "results" ++ ?EXPORT_EXT).
%% Internal error return code.
%% Host - Node names.
-define(NODE, atom_to_list(node())).
-define(HOST, lists:dropwhile(fun(E) -> E /= $@ end, ?NODE)).
%% 'About' message
A systematic testing tool for concurrent Erlang programs.
Version " ?VSN "
%% Debug macros.
-define(debug_start, put(debug, true)).
-define(debug_stop, erase(debug)).
-define(debug(S_, L_),
case get(debug) of
true -> io:format(S_, L_);
_ -> ok
-define(debug_start, ok).
-define(debug_stop, ok).
-define(debug(S_, L_), io:format(S_, L_)).
-define(debug(S_, L_), ok).
-endif. %DEBUG
-endif. %COND_DEBUG
-define(debug(S_), ?debug(S_,[])).
-define(DEBUG_DEPTH, 12).