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%%% Copyright (c) 2012, Alkis Gotovos <>,
%%% Maria Christakis <>
%%% and Kostis Sagonas <>.
%%% All rights reserved.
%%% This file is distributed under the Simplified BSD License.
%%% Details can be found in the LICENSE file.
%%% Authors : Ilias Tsitsimpis <>
%%% Description : An I/O server
-export([new_group_leader/1, group_leader_sync/1]).
%% @spec: new_group_leader(pid()) -> pid()
%% @doc: Create a new process to act as group leader.
-spec new_group_leader(pid()) -> pid().
new_group_leader(Runner) ->
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
spawn_link(fun() -> group_leader_process(Runner) end).
group_leader_process(Runner) ->
group_leader_loop(Runner, infinity, []).
group_leader_loop(Runner, Wait, Buf) ->
{io_request, From, ReplyAs, Req} ->
P = process_flag(priority, normal),
%% run this part under normal priority always
Buf1 = io_request(From, ReplyAs, Req, Buf),
process_flag(priority, P),
group_leader_loop(Runner, Wait, Buf1);
stop ->
%% quitting time: make a minimal pause, go low on priority,
%% set receive-timeout to zero and schedule out again
receive after 2 -> ok end,
process_flag(priority, low),
group_leader_loop(Runner, 0, Buf);
_ ->
%% discard any other messages
group_leader_loop(Runner, Wait, Buf)
after Wait ->
%% no more messages and nothing to wait for; we ought to
%% have collected all immediately pending output now
process_flag(priority, normal),
Runner ! {self(), buffer_to_binary(Buf)}
buffer_to_binary([B]) when is_binary(B) -> B; % avoid unnecessary copying
buffer_to_binary(Buf) -> list_to_binary(lists:reverse(Buf)).
%% @spec: group_leader_sync(pid()) -> unicode:chardata()
%% @doc: Stop the group leader and return it's buffer
-spec group_leader_sync(pid()) -> unicode:chardata().
group_leader_sync(G) ->
G ! stop,
receive {'EXIT', G, normal} -> ok end,
receive {G, Buf} -> Buf end.
%% Implementation of buffering I/O for group leader processes. (Note that
%% each batch of characters is just pushed on the buffer, so it needs to
%% be reversed when it is flushed.)
io_request(From, ReplyAs, Req, Buf) ->
{Reply, Buf1} = io_request(Req, Buf),
io_reply(From, ReplyAs, Reply),
io_reply(From, ReplyAs, Reply) ->
From ! {io_reply, ReplyAs, Reply},
io_request({put_chars, Chars}, Buf) ->
{ok, [Chars | Buf]};
io_request({put_chars, M, F, As}, Buf) ->
try apply(M, F, As) of
Chars -> {ok, [Chars | Buf]}
C:T -> {{error, {C,T,erlang:get_stacktrace()}}, Buf}
io_request({put_chars, _Enc, Chars}, Buf) ->
io_request({put_chars, Chars}, Buf);
io_request({put_chars, _Enc, Mod, Func, Args}, Buf) ->
io_request({put_chars, Mod, Func, Args}, Buf);
io_request({get_chars, _Enc, _Prompt, _N}, Buf) ->
{eof, Buf};
io_request({get_chars, _Prompt, _N}, Buf) ->
{eof, Buf};
io_request({get_line, _Prompt}, Buf) ->
{eof, Buf};
io_request({get_line, _Enc, _Prompt}, Buf) ->
{eof, Buf};
io_request({get_until, _Prompt, _M, _F, _As}, Buf) ->
{eof, Buf};
io_request({setopts, _Opts}, Buf) ->
{ok, Buf};
io_request(getopts, Buf) ->
{error, {error, enotsup}, Buf};
io_request({get_geometry,columns}, Buf) ->
{error, {error, enotsup}, Buf};
io_request({get_geometry,rows}, Buf) ->
{error, {error, enotsup}, Buf};
io_request({requests, Reqs}, Buf) ->
io_requests(Reqs, {ok, Buf});
io_request(_, Buf) ->
{{error, request}, Buf}.
io_requests([R | Rs], {ok, Buf}) ->
io_requests(Rs, io_request(R, Buf));
io_requests(_, Result) ->