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Connector for Java R2DBC
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MariaDB R2DBC connector

Maven Central Linux Build License

Non-blocking MariaDB and MySQL client.

MariaDB and MySQL client, 100% Java, compatible with Java8+, apache 2.0 licensed.

  • Driver permits ed25519, PAM authentication that comes with MariaDB.
  • use MariaDB 10.5 returning fonction to permit Statement.returnGeneratedValues

Driver follow R2DBC 0.8.1 specifications

Quick Start

The MariaDB Connector is available through maven using :


Factory can be created using ConnectionFactory or using connection URL.

Using builder

MariadbConnectionConfiguration conf = MariadbConnectionConfiguration.builder()
MariadbConnectionFactory factory = new MariadbConnectionFactory(conf);


ConnectionFactory factory = ConnectionFactories.get("r2dbc:mariadb://user:password@host:3306/myDB?option1=value");

Basic example:

    MariadbConnectionConfiguration conf = MariadbConnectionConfiguration.builder()
    MariadbConnectionFactory factory = new MariadbConnectionFactory(conf);

    MariadbConnection connection = factory.create().block();
    connection.createStatement("SELECT * FROM myTable")
            .flatMap(r ->, metadata) -> {
              return "value=" + row.get(0, String.class);

Connection options

option description type default
username User to access database. string
password User password. string
host IP address or DNS of the database server. Not used when using option socketPath. string "localhost"
port Database server port number. Not used when using option socketPath integer 3306
database Default database to use when establishing the connection. string
connectTimeout Sets the connection timeout Duration 10s
socket Permits connections to the database through the Unix domain socket for faster connection whe server is local. string
allowMultiQueries Allows you to issue several SQL statements in a single call. (That is, INSERT INTO a VALUES('b'); INSERT INTO c VALUES('d');).

This may be a security risk as it allows for SQL Injection attacks.
boolean false
connectionAttributes When performance_schema is active, permit to send server some client information.
Those information can be retrieved on server within tables performance_schema.session_connect_attrs and performance_schema.session_account_connect_attrs. This can permit from server an identification of client/application per connection
sessionVariables Permits to set session variables upon successful connection Map<String,String>
tlsProtocol Force TLS/SSL protocol to a specific set of TLS versions (example "TLSv1.2", "TLSv1.3"). List java default
serverSslCert Permits providing server's certificate in DER form, or server's CA certificate.
This permits a self-signed certificate to be trusted. Can be used in one of 3 forms :
  • serverSslCert=/path/to/cert.pem (full path to certificate)
  • serverSslCert=classpath:relative/cert.pem (relative to current classpath)
  • as verbatim DER-encoded certificate string "------BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"
clientSslCert Permits providing client's certificate in DER form (use only for mutual authentication). Can be used in one of 3 forms :
  • clientSslCert=/path/to/cert.pem (full path to certificate)
  • clientSslCert=classpath:relative/cert.pem (relative to current classpath)
  • as verbatim DER-encoded certificate string "------BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"
clientSslKey client private key path(for mutual authentication) String
clientSslPassword client private key password charsequence
sslMode ssl requirement. Possible value are
  • ENABLE_TRUST, // Encryption, but no certificate and hostname validation (DEVELOPMENT ONLY)
  • ENABLE_WITHOUT_HOSTNAME_VERIFICATION, // Encryption, certificates validation, BUT no hostname validation
  • ENABLE, // Standard SSL use: Encryption, certificate validation and hostname validation
rsaPublicKey only for MySQL server
Server RSA public key, for SHA256 authentication
cachingRsaPublicKey only for MySQL server
Server caching RSA public key, for cachingSHA256 authentication
allowPublicKeyRetrieval only for MySQL server
Permit retrieved Server RSA public key from server. This can create a security issue


  • Performance !
  • Fast batch using mariadb bulk
  • GeoJSON datatype
  • Pluggable types for MariaDB 10.5 (JSON, INET4, INET6, BOOLEAN, ...)


To file an issue or follow the development, see JIRA.

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