Experiment with converting thrift model to nested maps and back again
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The aim of this Scala example project is to convert thrift generated classes to nested maps using shapeless

scrooge is used to generate the classes from thrift. In parallel, case classes have been defined to mimic the thrift classes.

Classes to maps

As suggested on Stack Overflow I have defined a type class ToMapRec and implicits for heads, hnils and a general recursive case. On top of that a options implicit has been added.

Maps to classes

Any object that has been converted to nested maps should be able to be converted back to case classes.

This Stack Overflow answer has been used for this functionality.


Given an object:

    id = "cat-id",
    animalType = AnimalType(0),
    keywords = Seq("cat", "feline"),
    description = "The fluffiest fluff ever to fluff.",
    data = AnimalData.Cat(Cat(
      name = "Felix",
      fur = Some(Fur(colour = "black", pattern = None)),
      description = Some("Black cat"))),
    importantDates = ImportantDates(
      found = Some(Record(36823L,
        person = Some(Person(
          email = "someone@email.co.uk",
          firstName = Some("stranger"),
          lastName = None)))),
      adopted = None),
    flags = Some(Flags(
      isDangerous = Some(false),
      isWild = None))

The output should be:

    "id" -> "cat-id",
    "animalType" -> "Cat",
    "keywords" -> List("key", "word"),
    "description" -> "This is a cat",
    "data" -> Map(
      "cat" -> Map(
        "name" -> "Felix",
        "fur" -> Some(Map(
          "colour" -> "black",
          "pattern" -> None)),
        "description" -> Some("Black cat"))),
    "importantDates" -> Map(
      "adopted" -> None,
      "found" -> Some(Map(
        "person" -> Some(Map(
          "lastName" -> None,
          "firstName" -> Some("stranger"),
          "email" -> "someone@email.co.uk")),
  "date" -> 36823L))),
  "flags" -> Some(Map(
    "isWild" -> None,
    "isDangerous" -> Some(false)))


There are some basic tests, run them using: sbt test


The class to map case is also implemented using Magnolia.