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Part Designer

This is a free online CAD tool to create custom LEGO® Technic compatible construction parts for 3D printing.


  • Assemble a custom part from basic blocks: Pin Hole, Axle Hole, Pin, Axle, Solid
  • Save your model as an STL file
  • Catalog of existing LEGO® parts
  • Customize measurements to get a perfect fit
  • Create a sharable link of your part

Local setup and development

You need to have TypeScript installed. In the project root, run tsc. This should run without errors and create the file app.js.

You need a webserver that locally serves the files from the project directory. If you have python installed, you can call python3 -m http.server. It will tell you the port, for example 8000, and you can visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser. Alternatively, you can install http-server, which will also create a server in port 8000.

If you work on the code, run tsc --watch, which will recompile everytime you change a source file.