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A program I made in Java for drawing various shapes with a turtle, similar to the Imagine Logo.
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Turtle by Marian Longa


A program I made in Java similar to the Imagine Logo environment, where a turtle moves and draws various graphics shapes. It's great for learning to draw fractals, polygons or other shapes using commands such as "move forward by some distance", "rotate by some angle", "change color", etc. Bonus: it's cross-platform. Enjoy!


Copyright (c) Marian Longa 2015. All rights reserved.
Email: marian [dot] longa [at] gmail [dot] com


The turtle has the following functions and many more can be added:

  • Move forward by 100 pixels: move(100)
  • Rotate by 45 degrees in CW direction: rotate(45)
  • Set turtle's coordinates to (30,50): setX(30), setY(50)
  • Set angle of rotation to 20 degrees in CW direction: setAngle(20);
  • Change color of pen to green: setColor(
  • Put pen down/up to make drawing visible/invisible: penDown(), penUp()


Screenshot of the Turtle program

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