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@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
-li3_doctrine2 offers integration between [the most RAD PHP framework] [lithium]
+li3\_doctrine2 offers integration between [the most RAD PHP framework] [lithium]
and possibly the best PHP 5.3 ORM out there: [Doctrine2] [doctrine2]
# License #
-li3_doctrine2 is released under the [BSD License] [license].
+li3\_doctrine2 is released under the [BSD License] [license].
# Installation #
-It is recommended that you install li3_doctrine2 as a GIT submodule, in order
+It is recommended that you install li3\_doctrine2 as a GIT submodule, in order
to keep up with the latest upgrades. To do so, switch to the core directory
holding your lithium application, and do:
@@ -17,7 +17,38 @@ $ cd app/libraries/li3_doctrine2 && git submodule update --init
$ cd _source/doctrine2 && git submodule update --init
-# Using DoctrineExtensions #
+# Usage #
+## Adding the li3_doctrine2 library ##
+Once you have downloaded li3_doctrine2 and placed it in your `app/libraries`,
+or your main `libraries` folder, you need to enable it by placing the following
+at the end of your `app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php` file:
+## Defining a connection ##
+Setting up a connection with
+## Creating models ##
+When looking to create your doctrine models, you have two choices: you can
+have them follow your custom class hierarchy (or not at all), or you could
+have them extend from the `BaseEntity` class provided by this library. The
+advantage of choosing the later is that your models will have lithium
+validation support, and are better integrated with the custom adapters (such
+as for session management, or for authorization) also provided by this
+# Integrating Doctrine libraries #
+In this section I'll cover some of the doctrine extension libraries out there,
+and how to integrate them with li3_doctrine2.
+## DoctrineExtensions ##
If there is one tool I would recommend you checkout for your Doctrine models,
that would be [DoctrineExtensions] [DoctrineExtensions]. It provides with a set
@@ -38,7 +69,7 @@ to use Timestampable and Sluggable, you would first add the library in
Libraries::add('Gedmo', array(
- 'path' => Libraries::get('app', 'path') . '/libraries/_source/DoctrineExtensions/lib/Gedmo'
+ 'path' => LITHIUM_APP_PATH . '/libraries/_source/DoctrineExtensions/lib/Gedmo'

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