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a markup/data expansion experiment
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adel - markup/data thing

TODO: have a description for the project

adel is a way to describe markup that can be then exported to different formats like html/xml/json etc

the objective of this project is to provide a way to express higher level abstractions for data that later can be expanded to the lower representation.

imagine some kind of lisp-like macros for markup that allows you describing higher level concepts and then expand it to the base representation like HTML.

for example, how many times have you written a list of links in html, the structure is the same all the time, the only thing that changes is the link data and maybe a class and id, wouldn't it be nice to write:

@link-list(class: 'my-list-class') {
  @link-item(ref: "", label: "google")
  @link-item(ref: "", label: "yahoo")
  @link-item(ref: "", label: "bing")

and let it then be expanded to:

<ul class="my-list-class">
 <li><a href="">google</a></li>
 <li><a href="">yahoo</a></li>
 <li><a href="">bing</a></li>

the idea is not to make it shorter or easier to type (maybe easier to type :P) but to make the structure express the concepts and then let the library do the dirty job.

another one, do you remember all the attributes needed to include a css stylesheet? why?

wouldn't it be easier to write something like:

@page(title: "my website") {
  @css(path: "css/main.css")
  @css(path: "css/fonts.css")

  @js(path: "js/jquery.js")
  @js(path: "js/json2.js")

  @h1{"welcome to"}

   @nav-link(ref: "#home", label: "home", selected: true)
   @nav-link(ref: "#about", label: "about")
   @nav-link(ref: "#contact", label: "contact")

   @article(title: "second post", author: "Mariano") {
    "this is some content"

   @article(title: "first post", author: "Mariano") {
    "hello world"

and let it expand to whatever should expand? isn't it easy to know what that markup is?

moreover, loading different expansions you can generate different HTML outputs, mobile HTML, xml, txt and rss files from the same source.

is it finished?

the parsing and export to xml/html is finished, the expansions aren't.




  • I'm tired of having to lookup how to add a reference to an external css source.
  • I'm tired of having to write the same list of links using ul/li/a and spans
  • I'm tired of not reusing things like a base page to start a jqueryui prototype that already contains
    • jquery
    • jqueryui
    • json2
    • html5 shim
    • normalize.css
    • jgrowl
    • etc

why erlang?

because it's a cool language, you should try it

why not efene?

I don't want to force my language into others (but you should have a look at it :)


clone the repo:

git clone


rebar compile


rebar eunit


MIT + optional beer to the creator

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