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it's alive!

Quick Start

efene integrates with rebar3 so we will start with that.

first download the app template for a basic efene app, you must do this only once:

mkdir -p ~/.rebar3/templates && git clone ~/.rebar3/templates/ && rm -rf ~/.rebar3/templates/.git

then create a folder for your app, change myapp for the name of your app:

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
chmod u+x rebar3
./rebar3 new fn_app name=myapp

now compile your code:

./rebar3 efene

you can now play with it, for now we will use the erlang shell:

./rebar3 shell

and call our function:

1> myapp:hello("World").
Hello World!ok

note: the ok after hello world is the value returned by the hello function.

now every time you do a change run:

./rebar3 efene

and it will recompile the changed files, it will also fetch deps and compile erlang modules in your project.


APL 2.0, see LICENSE file for details

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