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zeromq bindings for klisp (a kernel programming language implementation)
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klisp-zmq are bindings for zeromq on the klisp implementation of the kernel programming language.

the bindings are really low level and the idea is to map almost directly to the C API.

A higher level api may come in the future on top of this implementation.


wanted to get into the klisp implementation and have something useful to do.

also zeromq is really cool and will allow me to do interesting stuff in the language when implemented.


me, marianoguerra.


first you need to have compiler, make and related tools also you need the zeromq libs installed with the development files

in a debian based system this would be achieved with this command:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libzmq libzmq-dev

after that do the following:

  • put this repo inside klisp/src
  • cd to it
  • make
  • ../klisp klisp-zmq-demo.k

see klisp-zmq-demo.k for some usage examples

for the demo to do something useful you will need running, is a python3 program that will listen and reply what it receives, install python3, python3's zmq bindings and do:


and then run:

klisp klisp-zmq-demo.k


  • items marked with an x are already implemented
  • items marked with a - will be implemented by a higher level function (higher in the sense that they won't be mapped one to one to functions in the klisp-zmq API)
  • items marked with a t are missing
x   zmq_version - report 0MQ library version
x   zmq_init - initialise 0MQ context
x   zmq_term - terminate 0MQ context
x   zmq_socket - create 0MQ socket
x   zmq_close - close 0MQ socket
x   zmq_bind - accept connections on a socket
x   zmq_connect - connect a socket
x   zmq_errno - retrieve value of errno for the calling thread
x   zmq_strerror - get 0MQ error message string
x   zmq_send - send a message on a socket
x   zmq_recv - receive a message from a socket
t   zmq_getsockopt - get 0MQ socket options
t   zmq_setsockopt - set 0MQ socket options
t   zmq_poll - input/output multiplexing
x   zmq_device - start built-in 0MQ device
-   zmq_msg_close - release 0MQ message
-   zmq_msg_copy - copy content of a message to another message
-   zmq_msg_data - retrieve pointer to message content
-   zmq_msg_init_data - initialise 0MQ message from a supplied buffer
-   zmq_msg_init_size - initialise 0MQ message of a specified size
-   zmq_msg_init - initialise empty 0MQ message
-   zmq_msg_move - move content of a message to another message
-   zmq_msg_size - retrieve message content size in bytes



BSD (you can invite me a beer if you want :)

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