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add information about common web usage and requirejs usage

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marianoguerra committed Jun 20, 2012
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@@ -16,15 +16,13 @@ get it
build it
+this builds the parser for the expressions
cd legojs
-for the minification you will need uglifyjs::
- npm install -g uglifyjs
try it
@@ -37,6 +35,19 @@
or open test/index.html in your browser
+use it
+there are two ways of using it, one is like any normal .js file, just add
+a script tag and import it (see test/index.html for an example)
+the other one is using an AMD loader like requirejs, in this case you
+just require the lib, it will return you the legojs function standalone and
+will add the function to the jquery object in $.lego so you can just ignore it
+and use $.lego or use the returned function itself.
+for an example of out to use it with requirejs see the main page at index.html

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