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# encoding: utf-8
from distutils.core import setup
author='Marian Steinbach',
license="Public Domain",
description='Client for the Offenes Köln API',
long_description="""Offenes Köln is a platform that allows for flexible access
to the content of the City of Cologne/Germany's city council information system.
Find more information about the platform at
More detailed information on the REST API is available at
pip install okclient
**Quick start**
import okclient
oc = okclient.Client()
# Search for documents containing "Haushalt"
result = oc.documents(query="haushalt")
for doc in result:
print, doc.title
# Retrieve the document with identifier "3323/2008"
# including attachments and thumbnails
result = oc.documents("3323/2008", attachments=True,
print result[0].date, result[0].title
print result[0].attachments[0].url
print result[0].attachments[0].content
# Find streets surrounding a geo position
# (reverse geocoding)
streets = oc.streets(lat=50.959, lon=6.946)
for (name, distance) in streets:
print "%s is %d meters away" % (name, distance)
# Find position of street "Mittelstraße"
# (also called geocoding)
mittelstr = oc.locations("Mittelstraße")
# return quasi-centroid of that street
print mittelstr.averages[0]
# print out all nodes of that streets
for node in mittelstr.nodes:
print node
Feel free to give feedback via the Issue tracking at
**Stay tuned**
Stay informed about changes in this client and the API by following our
commits on Github (see URL above), reading our Blog and/or following
the twitter account.