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Downloads your photos (and only photos) from Flickr
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Simple Flickr Photo Backup in Python

I wrote this script in order to download all my original photos from my Flickr account.


  • Python (tested on 2.6.1)
  • FlickrAPI module from (thanks to Sybren A. Stüvel!)
  • ElementTree module
  • urllib module
  • A Flickr API key and the according secret. Get them at
  • a graphical system like Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. A simple text shell probably won't work due to OAuth authentication.
  • Your Flickr user ID. Mine is '16126796@N00'


  • drop the script to the folder where you want to download all your photos to
  • edit the script file in order to contain your api_key, api_secret and user_id
  • run the script in the command line, e.g. with

    python ./

  • When your browser opens, asking you to authorize an app for Flickr access, hit the Accept button.

  • Turn back to the console and hit ENTER
  • Now lean back and relax

Known Problems

  • Photos are named by their ID. The original file name isn't stored on flickr.
  • The file modification date/time is set to the current time when downloaded.
  • Downloading is slow due to being single-threaded.


None whatsoever. Do what you like.

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