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(ns ^{:doc "Core Midje functions that process expects and report on their results."}
(:use clojure.test
[midje.ideas.background :only [background-fakes]]
[midje.checkers.extended-equality :only [extended-= evaluate-checking-function]]
[midje.error-handling.exceptions :only [captured-throwable]]
[midje.util.form-utils :only [extended-fn?]]
[midje.util.namespace :only [immigrate]])
(:require [midje.emission.boundaries :as emission-boundary]
[midje.emission.api :as emit]
[midje.config :as config]))
(emit/load-plugin (config/choice :emitter))
(immigrate 'midje.checkers)
(letfn [(result-discovered-by-a-function? [call] (extended-fn? (:expected-result call)))
(minimal-failure-map [type actual call]
{:type type
:description (:description call)
:binding-note (:binding-note call)
:position (:position call)
:actual actual
:expected (:expected-result-text-for-failures call)})
(check-result-positive [actual call]
(cond (extended-= actual (:expected-result call))
(result-discovered-by-a-function? call)
(emit/fail (merge (minimal-failure-map :mock-expected-result-functional-failure
actual call)
;; TODO: It is very lame that the
;; result-function has to be called again to
;; retrieve information that extended-=
;; knows and threw away. But it's surprisingly
;; difficult to use evaluate-checking-function
;; at the top of the cond
(second (evaluate-checking-function (:expected-result call)
(emit/fail (assoc (minimal-failure-map :mock-expected-result-failure actual call)
:expected (:expected-result call)))))
(check-result-negated [actual call]
(cond (not (extended-= actual (:expected-result call)))
(result-discovered-by-a-function? call)
(emit/fail (minimal-failure-map :mock-actual-inappropriately-matches-checker actual call))
(emit/fail (minimal-failure-map :mock-expected-result-inappropriately-matched actual call))))]
(defn- check-result [actual call]
(if (= (:desired-check call) :check-match)
(check-result-positive actual call)
(check-result-negated actual call)))
(defn expect*
"The core function in unprocessed Midje. Takes a map describing a
call and a list of maps, each of which describes a secondary call
the first call is supposed to make. See the documentation at"
[check-map local-fakes]
(with-installed-fakes (concat (reverse (filter :data-fake (background-fakes))) local-fakes)
(let [actual (try
(eagerly ((:function-under-test check-map)))
(catch Throwable ex
(captured-throwable ex)))]
(report-incorrect-call-counts local-fakes)
(check-result actual check-map)
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