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@@ -5,13 +5,17 @@
;;; There is a notion of "extended falsehood", in which a false value may be a
;;; map containing information about what went wrong.
-(defn as-data-laden-falsehood [value]
- (vary-meta value assoc :midje/data-laden-falsehood true))
(defn data-laden-falsehood? [value]
(:midje/data-laden-falsehood (meta value)))
-(defn data-laden-falsehood-to-map [value]
+(defn as-data-laden-falsehood [value]
+ (vary-meta value assoc :midje/data-laden-falsehood true))
+(defn data-laden-falsehood-to-map
+ "Used for testing Midje itself, this prevents a Midje
+ example of the expected creation of a data-laden falsehood
+ from being interpreted as a failure."
+ [value]
(with-meta value {}))
(defn extended-false? [value]
@@ -22,6 +26,8 @@
(not (extended-false? value)))
(defn user-friendly-falsehood [value]
+ "'downcast' a possible data-laden falsehood into
+ `false` if necessary."
(if (data-laden-falsehood? value)

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