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@morganastra morganastra Testing namespaces are now called e.g. "core-test" rather than "t-core" (note that this edit does not update the screenshots that have the old namespace name) Sep 24, 2016 95c2a44
@onetom onetom missing word Dec 20, 2015 eba1220
@alvarogarcia7 alvarogarcia7 defect: bad markdown syntax for links Dec 8, 2015 11ff41c
@sitepodmatt sitepodmatt fix example missing midje subcommand Sep 27, 2015 8ef617a
@sitepodmatt sitepodmatt add autotest example by fact name Sep 27, 2015 31bf216
@jsyrjala jsyrjala Fix documentation for (throws) predicate parameter. Sep 24, 2015 6e33d4c
@marick marick Updated Home (markdown) Aug 29, 2015 a2c607d
@MerelyAPseudonym MerelyAPseudonym Fix likely mistake ("keys" instead of "keywords") Jul 20, 2015 d3e3454
@MerelyAPseudonym MerelyAPseudonym Fix what appears to be a typo (referring to "Clojure" instead of "Midje") Jul 20, 2015 a13f2c7
@conan conan Include mention of :contents for with-state-changes May 28, 2015 2d8a727
@marick marick Explain how to use config files for more complicated conditions. May 21, 2015 0f4211b
@jeroenvandijk jeroenvandijk Fix identation and add missing parenthesis May 19, 2015 bc345e3
@marick marick Updated What's new in Midje 1.7 (markdown) Apr 18, 2015 8772e8f
@marick marick Testing functions that consume streams of values that include exceptions Apr 17, 2015 e62cbfd
@marick marick Updated Prerequisites and protocols (markdown) Apr 10, 2015 a820a84
@muhuk muhuk Added links to relevant wiki pages. Feb 11, 2015 e1e25c4
@headmastersquall headmastersquall Corrected wrong value in example code. Dec 29, 2014 2238518
@marick marick Created What's new in Midje 1.7 (markdown) Dec 7, 2014 4349f97
@marick marick Dump "What's new in 1.6 - time to move on to 1.7" Dec 7, 2014 6880715
@marick marick Updated Print levels (markdown) Nov 28, 2014 7269d7d
@mwfogleman mwfogleman Updated Checkable arrows (markdown) Nov 19, 2014 efefa08
@marick marick Updated Metadata (markdown) Oct 26, 2014 f2e2aaf
@marick marick Updated Metadata (markdown) Oct 26, 2014 f5205fe
@marick marick Updated Using metadata to filter facts (markdown) Oct 26, 2014 d256f00
@bripkens bripkens Update `lein-midje` and `midje` version numbers. Aug 16, 2014 4156248
@bhiles bhiles Added missing bracket Jul 14, 2014 4a4f563
@MikaelAmborn MikaelAmborn Clarify the location of the .lein/profiles.clj file. Jun 5, 2014 34486fb
@pershyn pershyn updated the name of report file for midje 1.6.3 May 19, 2014 ee9ba30
@marick marick Updated Not called (markdown) May 18, 2014 77a26b3
@conan conan Move incorrect bracket Apr 24, 2014 56dcd16