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Available via clojars
Production version: 3.2.1 (requires Midje 1.5 or later)


This plugin runs both Midje and clojure.test tests.


lein-midje is a plugin, so add this to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-midje "3.2.1"]]}}

Or you can include it in your project.clj:

{:profiles {:dev {:plugins [[lein-midje "3.2.1"]]}}}

lein-midje depends on midje itself. If you don't already have midje in your project.clj, you'll need to add it. For example, you could use this in place of the profiles above:

{:profiles {:dev {:dependencies [[midje "1.6.0" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]
                  :plugins [[lein-midje "3.2.1"]]}}}


To run all the tests, and check all the facts, in both the test and src directories, type this:

  $ lein midje 

You can also run individual namespaces by adding them to the command line:

  $ lein midje life.core life.timecop

You can use a wildcard to specify a subset of namespaces:

   $ lein midje 'midje.ideas.*'

This will run all the tests in that namespace and ones recursively included within it.

To run lein-midje as a watcher process that reloads any changed test files, use this:

   $ lein midje :autotest

See the Midje documentation for more.

Environment Variables and Profiles

On Unix systems, colorizing of results is turned on by default. It can be turned off with

  $ export MIDJE_COLORIZE=false

Colorizing is off by default on Windows systems. It can be turned on with:

  $ export MIDJE_COLORIZE=true

Coloring is most readable with light text against a dark background. If you use dark text against a light background, you might prefer this:

  $ export MIDJE_COLORIZE=reverse

It colors the background instead of the letters.

lein-midje obeys the :midje profile.


  • Alex Baranosky
  • Andreas Liljeqvist
  • Andreas Wurzer
  • Bjarte Johansen
  • Bobby Norton
  • Brian Marick
  • Bruce Durling
  • Derek Passen
  • Dmitri Naumov
  • elarkin
  • Eric Evans
  • Jacob Strength
  • Mark Simpson
  • Matt Mitchell
  • Sam Ritchie
  • Sebastian Hennebrueder
  • Teemu Antti-Poika
  • Timo Mihaljov
  • Tomoharu Fujita
  • Wes Morgan
  • Yannick Scherer