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export default {
general: {
phone: 'Phone',
twitter: 'Twitter',
loading: 'Loading'
format: {
name: '{{title}} {{firstName}} {{lastName}}'
lookupCongress: {
search: 'Find My Congress'
pickDistrict: {
helpText: 'Your zip code falls within multiple congressional districts. Pick a district below to see its representatives, or provide a street address and search again for more accurate results.'
displayCongress: {
back: 'Search Again',
permalink: 'Permanent Link to This Page',
aboutDistrict: 'District Information'
geography: {
address: 'Street Address (optional)',
district: 'Congressional District',
state: 'State',
zipCode: 'Zip Code'
congress: {
cspan: 'C-SPAN',
cspanLink: 'Video Appearances in Congress',
govtrack: 'Voting Record',
govtrackLink: ' Record',
nextElection: 'Next Election',
partyAffiliation: 'Party Affiliation',
vacancy: '(Vacant Seat)',
vacancySuccessor: 'This seat was vacated by {{title}} {{firstName}} {{lastName}}.'
about: {
attribution: "This app runs off data made freely available by the {{link-census}}US Census Geocoding Services{{/link-census}}, {{link-propublica}}ProPublica{{/link-propublica}}, and {{link-whois}}{{/link-whois}}. It was created by {{link-marie}}Marie Chatfield{{/link-marie}}. View the source code or contribute changes on {{link-github}}GitHub{{/link-github}}."
errors: {
general: 'Something went wrong.',
server: {
INVALID_ADDRESS: 'Could not find valid address. Please double check the street address and zip code.',
INVALID_DISTRICT: 'District number provided does not exist in your state.',
INVALID_DISTRICT_ID: 'Provided URL does not map to a valid state and district number.',
INVALID_STATE: 'State abbreviation provided does not match any known states.',
MISSING_ZIP: 'Please provide a valid zip code.',
MISSING_DISTRICT_ID: 'Please provide a valid district id to look up representatives.',
UNKNOWN: 'Something went wrong.'