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How to Use the Roman City Ruleset

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Creating Data in ArcGIS

More detailed instructions on working in ArcGIS can be found in this tutorial!

Drawing Shapes

  • Use the rectangle tool to draw a shape with right angles.
  • Draw in a counterclockwise direction
  • Start at the second vertex (end of the first side)
  • The front of the building is the first side
  • Draw the first edge. Right click, enter length and width.
  • You can also check dimensions using the ruler tool.
  • Check an individual rule's wiki page for tips for drawing shapes for a particular building type.

Using rules and assets

Create a new CityEngine project

More detailed instructions on working in CityEngine can be found in this tutorial.

  • Download the ruleset and copy contents into the rules folder of your CityEngine project.
  • The ruleset works with a set of non-procedural assets (architectural components, textures) which can be downloaded here. Copy the contents into the assets folder of your CityEngine project. Without these, the models won't generate correctly!

Rule dependencies

The rules are meant to be used as a set. For best results, simply download the entire rulset into your project "rules" folder. If using individual rules, make sure all dependent rules are present. Check each rule's wiki for more info.

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