Pickling mod for Don't Starve
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Project: Pickle It
Description: Pickling mod for Don't Starve

Marie West - http://mariewest.com
Nick West - http://nickwest.me

Sean Closson - http://seanclosson.com

Creative Commons Attributions:

Pickle Barrel Open/Close Sounds: 
	Mike Koenig - "Drawer Slide Close Sound" - http://soundbible.com/590-Drawer-Slide-Close.html
Pickle Barrel Pickling Sound:
	snottyboy - "Large Bubble Sound" - http://soundbible.com/1345-Large-Bubble.html


Update History:

2015-03-15 [Version 1.3.2] - Crash fix

2015-03-15 [Version 1.3.1] - Added potato + balancing
 - New vegetable: potato
 - Pigs feet can be dried on the drying rack
 - Adjusted food values
 - Fixed pickled mush pickle barrel issue

2015-03-14 [Version 1.3.0] - Port from DST version
 - Ported from DST version (various fixes, Xbox controller support, pickle sword, golden pickle)
 - Added pickled berries & pickled watermelon rind
 - Reduced pickling time to 1.5 days

2014-07-05 - Tweaked stats
 - Updated API version #
 - Modified pickle barrel crafting components (removed wet goop and gold; added rope)
 - Adjusted pickled food stat values
 - Reduced pickling time from 3 days to 2 days

2014-03-09 - New mod API version & minor fixes
 - Updated API version #
 - Added tallbird egg to pickled egg recipe
 - Fixed planted radish description

2013-11-22 - Added more vegetables and pigs feet
 - Added new vegetables: beet, onion, radish
 - Added cooked, pickled, and seed versions for all new vegetables
 - New vegetables have same functionality as cabbage and cucumber
 - New vegetables grow wild in the world
 - Added pigs feet, cooked pigs feet, and pickled pigs feet
 - Pigs drop 1-2 pigs feet upon death
2013-11-18 - Added more pickled food + tweaks
 - Added pickled recipes for: carrot, corn, eggplant, mushroom, pumpkin
 - Reduced pickle time to 3 days
 - Made pickled mush 2x as effective on farm plots
 - Slowed perish time on food while pickling

2013-11-17 - Added pickle barrel
 - Pickled barrel is craftable on Science Machines
 - Added cabbage (all functionality of cucumber)
 - Added pickled recipes for: cabbage, cucumber, egg, fish
 - Added pickled mush for invalid pickled foods

2013-11-10 - Added new cucumber vegetable
 - Regular seeds have a chance of producing a cucumber
 - Cucumbers can produce cucumber seeds
 - Cucumber seeds can be planted in farms
 - Cucumbers be cooked on a campfire to produce grilled cucumber


The original Don't Starve game was made by Klei Entertainment