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A simply Misskey library for Node.js (1.0 beta now)
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A simply Misskey library for Node.js


npm i corekey


1. Import the corekey library

You need to import classes you want to use.

import {
} from 'corekey';

2. Create a Misskey App

You can create an Misskey App in App.create static method.

const app = await App.create('', 'example app', 'generated by corekey', ['write:notes']);

3. Start a session of the app authorization

Let's get your account instance!

const session = await AuthSession.generate(app);
console.log('open in your browser: ', session.url);

const account = await session.waitForAuth();

4. Access a lot of APIs

For example, Post your notes to the Misskey.

await account.request('notes/create', {
	text: 'corekey test'

Note: If you use await, you need to wrap the statement with Async Function.




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