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May 23, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add 2.25 to version dropdown in compression helper 255ea8b
May 26, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Fix typo in ambiance.css 966c9a2
Marijn Haverbeke Remove font-size rules from theme files b630cbb
May 27, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Don't mess with .CodeMirror class in lesser-dark theme e16163e
May 30, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add two missing key codes to keyNames 43b9f26
Peter Kroon Added font-size 0964fd7
Guillaume Massé scala keywords taken from specs and simplified scala/java.lang eb49523
Guillaume Massé scala exemple code 36bbb3f
Marijn Haverbeke Link Java and Scala separately from other C-like languages in mode list 8d19374
Marijn Haverbeke Fix hole in readOnly when using context menu 289b6d7
Marijn Haverbeke Prevent pointless text moving on no-op drag events
Closes #544
May 31, 2012
Narciso Jaramillo Fix flickering during vertical scrolling d77b6a5
Narciso Jaramillo Make scrollbar overlap detection on Lion more robust e45ef25
Marijn Haverbeke Small touch-ups of scrolling code 51eb23d
Marijn Haverbeke Use a consistent style for bracey-elses (else on same line as brace) 8ba416d
Marijn Haverbeke Small fix to scala keyword list 336f55b
Marijn Haverbeke Add more prominent links to manual and github page to front page 2a6c22f
Marijn Haverbeke Spelling fix b06d307
Jun 01, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke [scheme mode] Fix parsing of numbers 1ee8888
Jun 03, 2012
[scheme] fix number parsing 8ba3acb
Jun 05, 2012
alexey-k Fixed bug with duplicating formatted text in CSS/XML/JavaScript when …
…only a part of the code, not the entire code, is formatted.
Jun 06, 2012
Lanny [vim map] d$ and y$ work. ad1bfdd
Lanny [vim map] Pasting buffer works correctly for partial lines. b4e1059
Lanny [vim map] Pasting imporvement, de, db, ye, yb now all work like they …
Narciso Jaramillo Fix resize demo (and sample code) to work with new scrolling approach 8a94705
Narciso Jaramillo Move drag handling to scroller to fix drag-and-drop on WebKit/Firefox 217fae6
Narciso Jaramillo Fix Scala mode demo to work with new scrolling behavior 483cf5e
Marijn Haverbeke [ruby mode] Fix overeager here-doc parsing
Closes #560
Peter Kroon Fix DND in Opera Next 12.00 feaa579
Marijn Haverbeke Use our own opera var, rather than window.opera 51f2e22
Jun 07, 2012
Narciso Jaramillo Round off fractional pixel in virtual scroll height calculation dc54405
Jun 08, 2012
Lanny [vim keymap] Reuse motion code for all our operators.
Functionally no change, just much better style.
Lanny [vim keymap] Rewrote e motion, added w and % motions.
% motion fails on nested parens/brackets of the same type.
Lanny [vim keymap] % handles nested pairs, but is a little slow. 6cdd7f0
Felipe Lalanne [gfm mode] Fix: autolinks syntax. New: double bracket links.
Autolinks were not being displayed as such in the editor, changed
'linkhref' to 'link' in line 72 to fix it.

Added support for GFM double bracket links. '[[link]]' is now displayed
correctly as a link by the editor.

Added coloring support for latex formulas, usage of
- "$formula$",
- "$$formula$$",
- "\( formula \)", and
- "\[ formula \]"
will now be highlighted with the same coloring used for strings.
Marijn Haverbeke Update README 8898357
Jun 09, 2012
Jan Keromnes [ECL] fixed mime type 95143f8
Marijn Haverbeke Invert order in which onChange and onCursorActivity are called
(onChange goes first now)
Jun 12, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke [search ui] Allow /i after regexp input 8de67d2
Jun 18, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Switch to a dummy cursor to force doc width in non-wrapping mode
This prevents situations where the cursor will cause a scrollbar, but the
rest of the code doesn't realize this. Also removes the
setting code, which appears to have been broken in several different ways.

Closes #550
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug where search.js would dereference undefined
Occurred when starting a (regular) replace below the last match.

Closes #582
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in number-gutter padding
Closes #548

This is all pretty awful code. I hope to rewrite it entirely as part of
solving #305
Marijn Haverbeke Stop treating braces with a null style as matching any style
This was causing braces/paren/brackets in JS to match those inside of strings.
Narciso Jaramillo Restore search heuristic for doing case-insensitive search when query…
… string is all lowercase
Marijn Haverbeke Fix premature position-clipping in undo/redo
Closes #577
Marijn Haverbeke Add test case for issue #577 852adee
Marijn Haverbeke Scroll to very top when scrolling to the top line
Closes #578
prasanthj [pig latin mode] Add an auto-hinting implementation 9023263
Marijn Haverbeke Clarify getTokenAt documentation 079c01f
John Lees-Miller fix: new commands with names of built-in methods caused the stex mode…
… to crash
Marijn Haverbeke Ignore string/comment tokens as fold points in braceFolder
Closes #581

This isn't a perfect solution, since languages can assign any class names
they want to any tokens, but I assume it covers most problems.
Marijn Haverbeke Remove outdated info from manual. 000d08a
Jun 20, 2012
[scheme] implement correct parsing of all numeric formats defined in …
Joshua Newman Adding a package.json. 04cea9b
Lanny [vim keymap] Various extensions
- W motion
- text object system
- esc to abort partial commands
- various minor changes
Marijn Haverbeke [vim mode] Linting and cleanup 5d41701
Jun 21, 2012
Lanny Fix passing textObjectManipulation object by refrence rather than value. eff04d1
Marijn Haverbeke [vim keymap] M-x delete-trailing-whitespace 6dcae5f
Fixes an issue with text objects and word boundary. Added support for…
… regexIndexOf
Marijn Haverbeke [vim keymap] Remove string prototype mangling ec53be2
Marijn Haverbeke Allow indent methods to return CodeMirror.Pass to indicate no support c497aa6
Marijn Haverbeke Add a mode multiplexer utility script e1a1e13
Marijn Haverbeke Fix typo in manual section id 9d3f3e3
Marijn Haverbeke Accept namespaces in XML tag folder 2550629
Jun 22, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add vibrant-ink theme
Courtesy of Mike Griffin
Marijn Haverbeke Add getScrollInfo() method e5703a1
Peter Kroon Add visible selection color. 32ca16c
Peter Kroon Make themes lesse-dark and ambiance *less big* when switching between…
… themes.
Peter Kroon Added more readable selection color. df20607
Marijn Haverbeke Fix mistake in getScrollInfo ee90625
Marijn Haverbeke Fix description in demo/multiplex.html 35a7096
Marijn Haverbeke Mark release 2.3 5920e29